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DIY - Tip and Ideas for Using Rooster Décor in your Home and Garden

Updated on May 23, 2011

Display your Collection in an antique Cabinet

Restore an old cabinet to create the perfect display for your Rooster Decor collection
Restore an old cabinet to create the perfect display for your Rooster Decor collection | Source

Rooster Decor In Your Home

There is something timeless about rooster décor. People either love it or hate it. But if they enjoy it then they truly love displaying it in their homes. And they never seem to get tired of it,un like some other home décor.

Over the years there have been many trends in home décor, but a few have longevity and this is one of them. Roosters are colorful, when made from resin, and porcelain. They come in a metal too. There are even some made from real feathers and other natural items.

Rooster décor reminds us of farms, animals, and a more casual laid back lifestyle from long ago.And you can add this charming look to your home yourself, and have fun building your collection

In the kitchen show off your collection of roosters on your counter tops if you have enough work space to accommodate them without it becoming a work space problem.

An ideal way to display your collection is on the top of your cabinets, as long as you don't have a soffit. This keeps them out of the work space, and draws the eye upward to see what is going on high in the room.

You can get creative with your display ideas and incorporate other items with the roosters. Items such as old pieces fit in perfectly. Wagons, tin cans, bottles, speckle ware, small crafts size hay bales are perfect for that country touch. Old paper egg cartons are another natural accessory idea.

If you have an antique cabinet restore it,and use it to showcase your rooster collection out of harms way in the ktichen or dining room.The photo above shows an old antique armiore that has been restored to create a country display cabinet for the kitchen.

This cabinet has covered storage in the bottom for added function too. It was completely restored to use in the kitchen. It gives a touch of country style to the kitchen.

Add touches like seat covers, table runners, napkins holders and dinnerware in the dining room, to make the rooms flow together and coordinate well together. Rooster décor also blends well with fruit themed home décor another timeless classic in home accessories for the kitchen.

Rooster on Display in the Garden

Rusty Wrought Iron Rooster Plant Hanger is hanging over the Garden
Rusty Wrought Iron Rooster Plant Hanger is hanging over the Garden | Source

Use Rooster Décor in your Garden

If you enjoy using rooster décor in your home in such rooms at kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms and other casual areas then you are using a very popular décor item.

But have you even considered using rooster décor in your garden?

Consider this - your collection of rooster décor has grown to be more than you can use inside your home.

This happens when people collect items for several years.

Eventually the collection outgrows the space to display it. Especially when friends and family help you with your growing collection, by giving you gifts to grow the collection.

Move some of the pieces that are special out into your garden.

Make sure to display them securely, so the wind does not damage them. If the paint peels that is OK, it is just fine to have aged items in the garden.

You can easily display rooster décor in your garden. This is a colorful addition that adds a touch of whimsy and a surprise to the garden.

The photo on the right of the rooster plant hanger was a gift from a neighbor several years ago. This is one of the first rooster items I used in the garden.

As you can see it is now aged to a rusty brown(which I love) and is proudly displayed under the deck. It holds a rusty wrought iron planter full of flowers.

Large Metal Rooster Stands Proud in the Garden

Majestic rooster, in front of a variety of flowers
Majestic rooster, in front of a variety of flowers | Source

Create a special area to display your roosters in the garden

When you start adding rooster décor to your garden, keep it in one area that is more casual than spreading it out all over the property.

Here is an example-

I have 2 rooster figurines, one metal, one resin, 2 wrought iron rooster planters that stand on the ground, a rooster weather vane and a rooster planter hook all located in one section of my gardens.

This area is heavily landscaped with a variety of flowers in flower gardens. The entire area is affectionately called" Rooster Row", because I love the way the area is looking when all of the rooster décor is displayed here instead of scattered all over the landscape.

I recommend that you do the same style when you decorate, so your items don't just get lost in the gardens. This decorating style works with other types of collections too.

Use good taste and don't overdo it, so the display looks good and not cluttered.

Have fun with your home and garden when you decorate with rooster décor.

Share your comments and thoughts below.


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    • RentedMule profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Lexington Kentucky

      Thanks Rtalloni, By all means, link all you want, and thanks for sharing with your friend too. I also appreciate the vote!

    • RTalloni profile image


      7 years ago from the short journey

      Neat hub with great closing tips! The English Hare in my garden was once hidden by too many plants. Looking forward to showing this to my rooster collector friend. :)

      Would like to link this hub to my Oak Leaf Hydrangea hub, if you have no objection. Thanks for another well done hub. Voted up.


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