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Dark Paints Vs. Light Paints

Updated on June 22, 2017

Things Are Not Always As They seem

It's common knowledge that lighter colors expand a room and make it feel larger than it is. and on the flip side, darker colors will contract a room and make it feel way smaller.

Besides these two tidbits though, there is a vast and complex analysis for you to consider before painting your next room. For example, the rules stated in the opening statement are not always exactly correct though. A chocolate powdered room can be stunning, and really open up an area, while a white dining room can be suffocating and dingy.

Keep reading on to find out how to determine what benefits a color will have in your room.

Use Dark Colors For Low Lighting

Rooms with limited window space or none at all suffer from low natural light levels. Natural light helps make brighter shades of paint look vibrant and cheerful. But when you're lacking it, it will make your fresh coat of white look dingy and unpleasant.

Instead, try using mineral-rich colors and tones in low-light areas, such as emerald or amethyst in order to have your room look amazing and cheerful under low-light conditions. Having rich colors like these also make your room feel luxurious and modern.

When You Have Enough Light, Go Bright!

White is a minimalist's dream. It's clean, concise and makes a room feel massive. Unfortunately, it will only work when you have an abundance of natural lighting. Rooms with bay windows or multiple skylights will flourish with a white based color. Using a dark shade such as blue or deep red will hamper your efforts as it will just make the room look incredibly small and gloomy, which isn't great unless that's what you're into.

How To Mix Light And Dark To Create A Mirage

Let's take a long hallway, and paint it. If we paint it all in a solid light color, it was feel expansive and endless, which can be desirable but for most, it will be daunting and unpleasant.

Now if we take the time hallway and have the walls a light shade, but the ceiling is coated in a deep shade, it will draw the eyes towards the brighter walls, bring the hallway into scale and relativity to a human body. This shrinking Mirage will make the hallway feel intimate and quaint, give those engaged a sense of safety and happiness.

lastly, if we take this hallway and paint the end wall a solid color, such as deep navy or black, it will expand the hallway and make it feel not large and long, but spacious and wide. Dark colors in the midst of light will demand attention from the viewer, and create a focal point for the eye to be drawn towards.

Hot And Cold Colors

Different colors have unique characteristics that change upon the intensity of a color. Red is, for example, dominate and high-energy, while pink can be flattering and welcoming. As previously stated, choosing between hot and cold depends on the feel you want for that specific room. Cooler colors, such as blue and green, are calming and allow for the sensation of space. Giving whoever occupies it the chance to breathe.

Shades of black, however, have powerful characteristics. Midnight blue, for example, gives the feeling of peace and serenity, while in a lonesome setting.

Fully consider all your options before deciding to spill the paint onto your walls. Make sure you have a written plan of each room's purpose, the vibe that is expected there and then move accordingly into action.


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