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Date Palm: Can I Grow One from a Pit?

Updated on March 20, 2016

Finding a Pit to Germinate


Growing a Date Palm

Upon Googling my date pit to see if others have been successful at germinating a date pit, I find that there are many people who have grown a date from a pit.

This all started the other day, my desire to grow a Date palm. I had a craving for a Date cookie and was reminiscing about the gift boxes of Amport Dates my parents used to receive at Christmas from my dad's sister. She'd mail us a box of assorted date treasures. It usually contained dates that were just themselves, plus some date balls. It came with a fancy little plastic fork for spearing the dates from the package.

I just remember that the dates were chewy, gooey and sweet.

I Found a Container of Dates


This is a Date


Paper Towel in Plastic Sealed Bag




Pits Paper Towel and Water - Seal Up



How About You

Do you have any advice on how to keep a Date pit growing and thriving?

See results

Time Will Tell

Now that I have my date palm pit in a plastic bag with a wet paper towel, I will now go place this bag in my germination box.

I have a plastic tote that has a grow light sitting inside it. I keep it in my basement out of the way. I have a large, dark plastic bag around it to keep it somewhat protected. I have dogs running in the house during the night and the bag helps keep the cover on. I keep the box light on at all times. That's another reason why I cover it. If I see a light on, I turn it off, so it's best to hide it from myself and my OCD tendencies. Smile.

I Potted The Two

I got one to grow and potted it in potting soil. I watered it well and placed the container in a paper bowl. I added water to the bowl, just to make sure that it was hydrating from the bottom. I covered the palm with a quart jar, like a mini green house. The temperature in the house is cool by the window, since it is winter here. So, I thought a jar would protect it for a while until it established itself.

I had a second pit that germinated, and I potted that one too in a red solo cup. It poked out the other day with a sprout, so I repotted it in a second pot. I did not cover the second one with a quart jar. Am experimenting with hardiness.

Same plan. Pot is sitting in a paper bowl and I plan to water from the bottom also.

They Are Growing

As you can see from the one photograph, the palm is progressing. It has grown to a point where I can see ribs in the leaf and I notice that there are two leaves that are separating.


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Wonderful tips!