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Decor details that make an impact.

Updated on March 8, 2012

The impact of anything is in the details. Those little things that people don't seem to appreciate and overlook, but makes a room or even an outfit even more spectacular. It is the details that leaves the viewer with a sense of completion.

Depending on the person, all the details are subjective, but universally we all agree on a few things that we will not live without even in the most austere environments.

Think about it, you start with a basic box of a room and have to fill it with things of interest and character, and depending on the room - functionality.

Accessories of a popping color are always vital, they are interchangeable and give the individual the opportunity to evolve in their tastes.

Basics, these are always the essentials that make up any room or out fit. They must be decided upon first. But before this decision is made, you have to ask the question, "what is this space being used for?" or "where am i going to wear this outfit/ensemble?"

Purpose of a thing:

  1. When is it used?
  2. Where is it used?
  3. Is it seasonal?
  4. Is it timeless?
  5. What statement does it make?

With a room:

  1. furniture, seating, tables - sofa tables, end tables & cocktail and bookcases
  2. lighting, overhead - flush, hanging/chandelier & fan or lamps
  3. flooring, carpeted or bare with throw rugs
  4. accessories,
  5. Conversation pieces

With an outfit:

  1. pant suit, skirt suit, blouse & skirt / pant, dress or gown
  2. shoes
  3. purse
  4. accessories, (i don't include shoes and purses or handbags because they are necessary), the following are not always essential, but they do add to any look - jewels, scarf, gloves, pantyhose,
  5. undergarments, (what you wear under your outfit is just as important as anything else), no one likes pantie lines, static cling of seeing through a skirt - unless of course seeing through your clothes is intentional.

It is always vital to any design, at least for most of us that it adds some value. It is always important for the person to feel that they have made a good buy and it is necessary that you can live with it, especially if it cost you a pretty penny.

Some things are worth being frivolous on but they should never be pieces of investment.

Timeless items are the ones you invest in, they can go from season to season for years and never seem to be out of style or taste. These pieces are worth spending a few dollars more on and not regretting the purchase.

The simpler the piece, the better, it is in the details that you start making a statement.


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