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Fall Decor For Your Table

Updated on August 20, 2013

Table Covers and Napkins

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Fall is A Colorful Season

Around my house, the tables are decorated for each Season. With Fall in full bloom, there are a myriad of choices available for your decorating. From placemats to salt and pepper shakers, there are many colors, styles and shapes to choose from.

It is so easy to find reasonably priced table cloths and placemats for the kitchen table as well as the dining room. I use Fall colors with my placemats, varying them from year to year. After many years of marriage, I have quite a collection. Pick a main color and build your decor around your chosen foundational color.

My table currently hosts maroon placemats. The apple theme is a good one for Fall and "Harvest Season". I chose a goldish yellow for my highlight. It adds a cheerful appearance to each meal.

Choose a dinner napkin or paper napkin to accent your color choice. I use cloth dinner napkins for decorating. After folding the napkin, a dinner ring can add a bit more design and color. Again, there are many choices available to the buyer. To accent the napkin, I spread the ends out for more color and a perkier look. Napkin rings can cause a napkin to roll up, making them look small against a large table setting. By spreading out the fabric into a bigger area, you have more color available to the eye.

Don't forget the Salt and Pepper Shakers!

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Salt and Pepper Shakers

A simple way to add seasonal flair to your dinner presentation is with salt and pepper shakers. Any of your local department stores carry seasonal accents that include these delightful and useful items. I saw these apple shakers and fell in love with them. I sometimes find original purchases in gift shops as I travel. These are usually inexpensive and fun finds to hunt down.

The Turkey shakers are fun reminders of Thanksgiving and the Holiday we celebrate in the Fall. I purchased some for both of our Moms as gifts. We all enjoy them.

Use whatever theme and decor brings a smile to you and your family. Your children will remember these little bits of home as they grow up. Don't be surprised if they argue over who gets them after you are long gone.

Centerpieces for Your Table

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Warm, fun and invitingUse a combination of items in your house to create a centerpieceGourds purchased in the grocery store
Warm, fun and inviting
Warm, fun and inviting
Use a combination of items in your house to create a centerpiece
Use a combination of items in your house to create a centerpiece
Gourds purchased in the grocery store
Gourds purchased in the grocery store

A Centerpiece is Fun

Having a centerpiece is not always necessary, but if you have one, it adds a lot to your decorations. My daughter in love gave me this stuffed pumpkin last year. It is adorable sitting on my table with the Fall decorations. I especially like it because it is not orange.

Be creative with your centerpiece. Find something that is fun to look at and won't be too large for your table. My hot pad serves as a stand for my stuffed pumpkin. Dollar stores have some great ideas for the season that might fit into your design. I won't even mention the fun stores like Kohl's, Target, and Hobby Lobby that have so many fun choices for decorations that choosing just one can be almost impossible.

For additional decorative ideas, chair cushions are sold in various colors and can accent your table. Candles and candle holders also come with seasonal choices and can compliment your table design.

Whatever you do, have fun. Make some memories and DECORATE!

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  • George Belous profile image

    George Belous 5 years ago

    oh! very cool! ECOdesign =)

  • Cyndi10 profile image

    Cynthia B Turner 6 years ago from Georgia

    Thanks for the ideas just in time for Thanksgiving tables.