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Wreath Decorating for Fall

Updated on February 10, 2019

A Must For Your Front Door

Maybe you don't enjoy decorating for the seasons. Perhaps you like to keep your home decorations simple. Fine and good, but you must have a wreath on your front door to announce this glorious Fall Season. It is a favorite time of year with cooling temperatures and colorful leaves on the trees. There is a crispness in the air that is refreshing and energizing. What better way to add warmth to your home than to decorate the front door with a Fall Wreath.

Fall Wreaths come in many shapes and sizes. Some are brighter than others, some more earth toned and subdued. Whatever your likes, there is one to fit your home.

Choose Your Favorite

Amazon offers some beautiful wreaths, delivered to your door. If you can't afford to buy one, go to your local craft store and purchase a wreath to decorate. A glue gun and some decorations can make an inexpensive yet beautiful decoration. Fabric and hobby stores sell all types of items appropriate for wreaths. A glue gun should attach your item firmly in place. Feel free to layer some leaves and decorations for a full effect. Be sure to spray paint your finished work of art with some gold or silver or glitter to add dimension and sparkle to your finished work of art. This added color will provide a finishing touch that you will enjoy for many years.

There are many rich leaf colors to choose from. The leaves form the backdrop to your decor and blending your leaf color with your home colors will look best. Other Fall items can be added. Try using nuts, apples, small plastic pumpkins, pine -cones, berries and various grasses to add depth to your piece. You can purchase a large over-the-door hook to hang your wreath on the front door. Wreaths can be hung in your home using large picture hooks or longer temporary nails which protrude at least half an inch from the wall.

Bows For Wreaths

Ribbons and /or bows will add a final touch to your wreath. The wreath is beautiful, but a bow adds variety, style, balance and color to your wreath. There are thousands of ribbon colors and designs to choose from. If you make your own bow, the ribbon choice is unlimited. Some wreaths come with pre-made bow or ribbons. If you like the wreath but not the bow that is attached, you can make that change. For handmade bows, I recommend a wider ribbon with wire for easier shaping.

Centerpieces For Your Table

A centerpiece for a table is assembled in much the same way as a wreath. You can purchase a styrofoam form from the store, or use a bare wreath. Add your decor, spray paint with gold, silver or glitter and center on your table. I recommend that a mirror or tray or large plate be placed under your artwork. The support will allow you to move your centerpiece for cleaning or spreading a tablecloth underneath. It will also add an additional depth to your centerpiece. If you want to place an item in the middle of your centerpiece, the support is there.

Now Is The Time To Make Your Purchase

Fall is here and it's time to decorate. Enjoy every moment of this season because it is over way too soon.

When the season ends, keep your wreath or centerpiece in a safe place. I hang my Fall wreath in the house during the year. Occasionally I change the bow to freshen the arrangement. You can buy a dust spray to remove dust buildup.,It is amazing how easily it renews the colors and crispness of your decoration.

A hat box or plastic bag would be great protective coverings. Find a shelf, a wall, or other safe place to keep your new treasure when not in use! Enjoy your Fall! I am!


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