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Decorating Ideas and Accent Furnishings to Achieve Modern Home Décor

Updated on June 8, 2014

An Overview of Modern Furniture

Modern furniture has become a big hit for use in homes today. It's simple, clean lines and minimalist look give it a timeless feel that makes it both a good investment and helps it work well in almost any space. However, after deciding to purchase modern furniture, the average person may feel stuck when it comes to finishing the space. After all, many people lack the creative vision of an interior designer in choosing the modern home décor to add to their home. They know what they want their space to feel like or what kind of design style they’re after, but they can’t envision the steps to achieve the finished look.

It is very simple to integrate modern home décor with modern furniture. Modern furniture is among the easiest types of furniture to accessorize because of its minimalistic quality. There are a few different areas to focus on when integrating modern home décor with modern furniture. Let’s review a few of those elements.

Start with the Floor

One of the most important additions to your modern home décor is a nice area rug that complements the room and anchors the furniture. If your modern furniture is neutral, you can go with almost any style of modern area rug you want. Modern area rugs are like artwork, they can be colorful and fun. Because the area rug can take up such a large amount of real estate on your floor and in your room, you may want to choose a rug that while interesting, doesn’t take too on too much emphasis. But if you want a really wild area rug, you can always choose to tone down the décor in other areas.

Add a Splash of Color to the Walls

The walls of the room are another important area to focus on when incorporating modern home décor. Bare walls are boring and bland. Abstract artwork goes great on walls in modern homes. Abstract art is available in vibrant colors and all sorts of styles that really complement the understated feel of modern furniture. Don’t be intimidated when choosing your abstract art. Try to use a few colors from the rug for inspiration or vice-verse.

Tie the Room Together with Fabrics

Fabric can really help finish a room. There are a variety of interesting fabrics that mingle well with modern furniture. If you’ve chosen a colorful rug and a nice vibrant piece of abstract art, a lightweight flowing curtain in a shiny solid gold or red might really help to tie the two pieces together. A beautiful bed-throw is a nice touch to an all white bed.

Finish with Accent Pieces

Finally, you can choose small accent pieces to place around your modern furniture to pull the whole room together. Accent pieces in modern home décor can include small abstract sculptures, funky lamps, clocks, mirrors, and unusual frames. Use your artwork, rug or curtains as inspiration for color and use your sleek modern furniture as inspiration for style and shape.

Making design choices using modern home décor doesn’t have to be daunting or confusing. Just remember to use similar colors and complementary textures. Also, layering each type of décor is helpful as if you add too much, you can simply peel back a layer, and the room is perfect again.

Types of Home Decor

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    • Nadia Ramini profile image

      Nadia Ramini 3 years ago from New York, New York

      Modern home décor is what it's all about these days. I remember a few years ago, traveling to Europe; all you could see in furniture stores was modern furniture, finally we are catching on here as well.