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Decorating In Small Spaces

Updated on August 20, 2014

Whenever you are living in a really tiny area such as a studio apartment it may seem to be difficult to decorate in order to make your tiny apartment seem larger and more livable.

You may have problems with exactly where you will set all your things. You may want the style and feel of several rooms even though you live in a single space being that you're living in a studio apartment. It is possible to accomplish these things by incorporating a few, simple elements.

When you are living in a studio that's a single room, you really don't want the area to appear the very same throughout. You want the feeling of being in different rooms and therefore decorate them in different styles and colors.

Room Dividers are a good way for separating one large room into several.
They come in many different sizes, colors and styles. Decorative fabric and hanging beads can be used to create walls for separating rooms.

When living in such tight quarters, you need to place your belongings in such a way as to compliment the room(s). Excess stuff can be hidden in decorative containers that compliment a room as opposed to making it look cluttered. Hiding your things in plain site so to speak. Stackable containers are preferable when living in small spaces.

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Maximizing Space When Decorating

A couple of tricks you can do to create the illusion of bigger is to create points of interest (focal points) and make the most of reflecting. This can be accomplished by the use of a vibrant area rugs and mirrors.

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People are frequently not happy with the size of their kitchen and chances are, if your place is tiny, your kitchen would be then as well. In your kitchen, you could use ceiling mounts for pots, pans etc.

This can look great above an island. If there is one complaint many people have is the lack of cupboard space. Also, their are stylish hooks you can use to hang your coffee mugs and tea cups. Thus giving you the chance to decorate your kitchen area while you're achieving the best utilization of your kitchen space.

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In the rest of you home, display cases and floating shelves are another method to display your items thus preventing a cluttered feel. You may not fit a display case, however your wall space would probably provide the room you need. You'll be able to install decorative and stylish shelving that costs little, but allows you to affords exhibit your collectable's efficiently and arranged providing your living space a fresh look.

Shelving helps make a room appear larger because things are not spread all about but nicely arranged along the walls.

Living in a small space doesn't have to feel or be cramped. Play around with the arrangement of your furniture, area rugs, paintings, mirrors, and decorative storage containers, as well as the use of wall hooks, ceiling and wall mounts (which works great for getting your television up off the floor, thereby freeing up some floor space) until you get the look & feel that you are going for.


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