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Gray/Grey Living Room & Bedroom Walls Décor | Plus, How To Use Furnitures & Colors In Your Grey Rooms

Updated on October 21, 2015

If you ask me, the color gray or grey (depending on which side of the fence you're on), doesn't strike me as the type of color to either paint a wall with or even consider in the color choice of decorating accents.

The color gray has always appear to me to be somewhat, gloomy and depressing. I'm sure a lot of people out there will agree with me, as some may also disagree. My teenage son, who is fifteen sure doesn't share that view when it comes to this color.

While to me the color gray/grey has always been thought of as a gloomy color, gray/grey to him is the color of "cool". He believes that if anyone's going to be inducted into the hall of fame of all that's cool and sophisticated, gray (with a touch of red) should be their color of choice on anything. Well, that is debatable. His dream come true? A Grey Living Room And Bedroom.

He sure got me thinking though, about decorating with gray/grey. Having now done my homework, I have to agree with my son. Gray really is a cool color to decorate with. And, I found that when it comes to mixing gray/grey with other color blends, the possibilities are endless.

What Does the Color Gray Convey?

The color gray is the color of compromise, there is no black or white with this color!Gray also projects a sense of stability, maturity and responsibility, as is usually associated with the gray hair of old age. There's a sense of calm that comes with this color. Take a look at these images of grey bedroom and living room decors:

Color That Blends Well With Grey/Gray

The color gray/grey is one of those neutral colors that's versatile and is easy to work with, and it doesn't really matter what shade it is, although the darker shades of gray tends to help the other colors to pop out more.

There are plenty of color scheme that pops out when matched with the color gray/grey to create a combination that's crisp, bold and, yet simple. Here are a few color combination worth trying:

Colors That Blends Well With Gray/Grey - With A Little Help from Black & White Mixed In Somewhere

Color Combo
Color Shades
Gray/Grey and Yellow
Usually antique or bright yellow shades works well. This is a great spring to summer combination.
Gray/Grey and Pink
Bold, bright pink to fuchsia pink is a great combination to get that 'wow' factor.
Gray/Grey and Red
A classic combination. Has a very masculine feel and look to it, but can definitely be feminized with decorative pillows or flowery patterns. Also great Christmas theme.
Gray/Grey and Purple
Not very common, but can be pulled off if the right shade of purple is used. See image gallery for gray and purple ideas.
Gray/Grey and Lime-Green
This is a beautiful color mix that you have to see to believe. Never thought it was possible. But with a little white mixed in here, and some black there, it can be absolutely gorgeous!

Gray Color Image Gallery

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Add a splash of lime! With a little bit of black, and a little bit of white.Add some red and some green.  It all blends together.Go at it with some purple décor. Or maybe even a purple wall.Can't go wrong with a touch of red! But don't forget to drop a pinch of black or white.Coral and Grey - So happy together!Gray is prettier with pinkAnd it mellows with yellow.
Add a splash of lime! With a little bit of black, and a little bit of white.
Add a splash of lime! With a little bit of black, and a little bit of white.
Add some red and some green.  It all blends together.
Add some red and some green. It all blends together.
Go at it with some purple décor. Or maybe even a purple wall.
Go at it with some purple décor. Or maybe even a purple wall.
Can't go wrong with a touch of red! But don't forget to drop a pinch of black or white.
Can't go wrong with a touch of red! But don't forget to drop a pinch of black or white.
Coral and Grey - So happy together!
Coral and Grey - So happy together!
Gray is prettier with pink
Gray is prettier with pink
And it mellows with yellow.
And it mellows with yellow.

How To Add Colors To Your Gray Bedroom or Living Room

Though, at first glance, a full blown gray bedroom or living room wall may look like a room covered in ash, but as it is accentuated with other colors, the gray is downplayed and becomes more appealing to the eye and even more appreciated.

I found that when decorating with gray, especially when the wall is painted gray, it is best to add, or pair it with a bold, bright color. Follow these decorating tips on how to add a color splash to your gray bedroom or living room:

  • Use Bright Color Furniture - Choose furniture with striking colors, such as, red, white, lime green, yellow, turquoise, pink, purple, and lavender. Living room or bedroom furniture in these colors or blends works well with any shade of gray. These colors can also be incorporated into your kitchen and bathroom decors.
  • Use Colorful Decorative Accents - Decorative accents can help change the mood of your gray room walls if you choose them in the right colors. Go with the bold, colorful accents, such as, colorful ottomans, decorative pillows, and lamps. Use solid color accents, or those with striking complementing color blends. Avoid using too many colors, sometimes less is better.
  • Use Bright Color Carpets/Rugs - Colorful carpets or rugs can just bring out the best in your home décor. They are a very good way to accentuate your rooms. A room with a gray wall is no exception. Solid color shags, especially the ones with bold neon colors always looks great in a grey living room or bedroom.


Would you consider decorating with the color gray now that you've seen the endless possibilities?

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More Decorating Ideas For Gray Colored Room

  • Blend Wall Colors - Sometimes the best decorating theme for your walls may be to alternate the wall colors. Using a bright color on one side of your room wall can be the best accent for your gray room décor.
  • Mix With Bright Wallpaper - Wallpapers can bring another angle to your gray room. A wall paper with a similar shade of gray as your wall color, but with striking geometric colorful shapes or designs can go a long way to give your room that "wow" effect. Mix it up with similar color furniture and decors.
  • Use Bright, Colorful Curtains - A drape of color will do a world of good to your gray walls. So go with those solid, bright-color curtains and window blinds to get that wow factor in your grey living room or bedroom.
  • Use Colorful Bedding - For a brighter looking bedroom with gray walls, use bright, colorful bedding. Accentuate your bedding with like color side lamps, nightstands, area rugs, and headboards.

Visualize It! Seeing Is Believing.

Not sure about this whole grey living room and bedroom campaign? Well, why not play around with it, or maybe with other colors too. Not literally! You can do that by using a Color Visualizer.

A color Visualizer is a tool that's available online, usually at some paint's website. It allows you to see a visual likeness of what your room might look like as you play around with certain colors. That way, you will be able to then plan your room décor around the chosen color(s). You can also try using a different color, preferably a bright color, for your room's ceiling.

Who knew that decorating with grey/gray can be so fun. Now go do something colorful with your grey colored walls. It can be as simple as adding one or some of the above suggested colors to one side of your walls, or changing your room decors, such as, adding an accent chair, lamp, or colorful decorating pillows. Whatever you do, have fun doing it.

Decorating with grey/gray has never been so easy. Another great room decorating idea!


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Author: Comfort Babatola- ©2013


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    • KatieL profile image

      KatieL 5 years ago

      Great examples of how grey can be really beautiful...especially with a splash of color!

    • ComfortB profile image

      Comfort Babatola 5 years ago from Bonaire, GA, USA

      @ KatieL - Yes, what a difference those bright, bold colors made. Thanks for your comment.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Isaac Weithers 5 years ago from The Caribbean

      Just goes to show that we all interpret "beautiful" differently. The gray with green is my favorite. Thanks for the wonderful ideas.

    • ComfortB profile image

      Comfort Babatola 5 years ago from Bonaire, GA, USA

      Thanks for your comment MsDora. You're always welcome.

    • floors profile image

      floors 4 years ago from United Kingdom

      I've always been a fan of the colour grey but have hesitated in decorating with it often just opting for grey furniture/curtains. Some interesting ideas in this hub though.

    • ComfortB profile image

      Comfort Babatola 4 years ago from Bonaire, GA, USA

      @floors - I'm glad you stopped by. Thanks for your comment!

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