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Decorating a Cabin Decor

Updated on May 24, 2011
Making Your Cabin the Lighter Side of You
Making Your Cabin the Lighter Side of You | Source
Decorating a Hunting Lodge with Tin Signs
Decorating a Hunting Lodge with Tin Signs | Source

Rustic Cabin Decor doesn’t Mean Boring

Regardless if your retreat cabin is a hunting, beach or a log cabin in the woods, when you pass thru the doors it still will be your home away from home. There is no reason not to spend a little time and money on your cabin decor. Making it a special place with it’s own character, is a great way to express the relaxed side of you. Country cabin decor would be out of place with elegant crystal chandeliers, but when you decorate with the simple items from just outside, it will seem more natural. This doesn’t mean head mounts of past kills are required, you can use instead drift wood accents and pine cone arrangements as a natural way to bring the outdoors inside if you prefer a more tamed approach.

The Colors Around You

The natural world provides a great range of color tones to work with. From the deep blues of Northern lakes to soft tans of desert lands the color palette of nature is at your disposal. Imitating nature with brown upholstered leather furniture is very common in log cabin decorating. This also includes using the more rustic fabrics of wool and flannel that serve a practical purpose for cool nights in the woods. Select blanket designs that are “indigenous” of area, a Navajo blanket fits better for a Western cabins or lodges.

Darker tones throw rugs will “hide the dirt” better (always expect a lot of outdoor traffic in a cabin), an animal patterned fabric for your cabin is never out of touch with the natural world or out of style. To offset the less decorative functional rugs on the floor, opt instead for the boldly patterned throw rugs for the walls instead. It can provide double duty when taken off the walls and placed on the floor for special occasions when you wish to impress guests.

Wall Decor from Tin Signs to Old Skis

Once you have some color tones decided for your cabin decor, then it is on to the decorations. Old over “not so new” is often the theme of cabin decorations and accepted practice. Often old wins as the choice of decorations as yard sales and hand me downs from main house make their way to the retreat first. We are not talking about valuable antiques here, more like second hand items that when an empty cabin is visited by unwelcomed guest they will less likely to steal it away. Pots and pans of that old blue or white enamelware or cast iron add a unique decorative touch, and may come in handy if you just happen to need an extra pot for boiling.

A kerosene lanterns and candles add both to the camp atmosphere and again serve a practical purpose when storms cut out the power to your cabin. Shop local yard sales for old kitchenware and artist shows for pottery or stoneware when you want to add a touch of cabin decorating class. A claw foot tub or pedestal sink, and even pull chain toilet, have the rustic look all to themselves.

Another inexpensive decorating tip are tin signs. If you can’t find old tin signs locally, going on-line there are many websites that sell vintage looking tin signs. Many of them are made to look old and even include the rust for that worn down touch. They are easy to hang and come in many different themes for the living room, kitchen, or bathroom.

Cabin Decor is about Relaxing

Your place away from home is where you go to unwind. Decorate the cabin in a style that says this is you chillin. From finding the right color tones, old wooden skis hanging on the walls to funny tin signs, give a character that invites a relaxed atmosphere. Have a little fun decorating your cabin retreat.


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