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Delta Kitchen Faucets Review 2013

Updated on May 6, 2013
One of the many attractive and stylish Delta kitchen faucets
One of the many attractive and stylish Delta kitchen faucets

Delta kitchen faucets are the best that money can buy. Owned by the same company that is responsible for the Brizo® and Peerless® brands, the Masco Corporation has the best market share in the US market, providing highly desirable faucets to compliment new kitchens all across the USA.

Delta offer exquisite designs, minimalist styling and the highest quality materials to craft beautiful faucets designed to stand the test of time. A Delta kitchen faucet will turn the humble kitchen sink into a focus point in the room, however their style is surpassed by their convenience. Offering a full kitchen solution, Delta faucets include the latest technologies to provide perfect water management, convenient hose and spray arrangements and one touch control, without the need to ever get a handle dirty.They are designed to make kitchen life a whole lot easier and much more efficient.

Delta is a stalwart of best of brand and best product awards. Be it for designer styling or invention, few brands can match the full package which Delta provides. This year has been no exception, with Delta scooping up top spot at the 2010 Edison Best New Product Awards with the Delta Pilar® Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O® Technology

Delta Kitchen Faucet Awards

Just some of the many awards Delta Kitchen Faucets have won
Just some of the many awards Delta Kitchen Faucets have won

The Delta Pilar One-Touch Faucet in Brushed Steel

Delta One Touch Pilar Kitchen Faucet
Delta One Touch Pilar Kitchen Faucet

2010 Edison Best New Product Award Winning Delta Pilar® Kitchen Faucet

It’s no surprise that Delta Touch2O® Technology won an award this year, and you can be sure it signals the first of many. The one touch water system is a beautifully simple solution to the all too common problem of how to wash your hands without making a mess of the taps.

Covered in grease or up to your elbows in cake mix, just tap the faucet once with clean part of the body, and again when clean to turn off. There are no taps to get messy, no difficult to clean parts, and change of any bacterial cross contamination.

The Delta faucet is a remarkably efficient water delivery system. It manages water to be environmentally friendly and keep the bills down. This model is a step up from the Infrared sensors which has previously featured on Delta faucets to offer a hands free solution. It typifies Delta’s constant innovation and redevelopment of their own award winning designs, to further improve their range.

Delta Technological Advances


If you wanted the convenience of a shower, with the adjustability of a faucet, the Delta Multi-Flow™ system is perfect. The Multi-Flow™ wand makes for easy cleaning. The extendable hose offer a one touch adjustment of water pressure. It controls your water usage, giving you the necessary pressure when you want to blast stubborn food from plates whilst minimising water flow to rinse and clean ecologically.

DIAMOND™ Seal Technology

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend however they are remarkably useful for increasing the lifespan of Delta kitchen faucets. Delta DIAMOND™ Seal Technologyuses a valve with a diamond powder coating to replace the ball joint typical in most faucet arrangements. The hardest substance known to man ensures that your valves will last over 5 million uses. Housed in steel casing unit, no metal is ever in contact with water to ensure a long and corrosion free lifespan.

MagnaTite® Docking System

Rather than use a separate hose and faucet, Delta have combined the two into the same unit, taking up the minimal amount of space, and leaving the work surface uncluttered. The nozzle of the tap is also the extendible hose, held in place by the MagnaTite® magnetic docking system. No more struggling to get the hose back in the casing, with a friction free movement to lock the hose and nozzle back in place.

The Touch Clean® nozzle is designed to be easy to clean, with one wipe removing lime build up, and the entire water system provides a green solution for the kitchen to conserve water usage. 

Delta Kitchen Faucets Styles and Designs

Some of the many Delta Kitchen Faucet Styles
Some of the many Delta Kitchen Faucet Styles

Why Buy A Delta Kitchen Faucet?

  • 50 years of experience
  • Tested and inspected by hand over 100 times
  • Extensive mechanical testing to ensue longevity
  • Stunning designs
  • Cutting edge product innovation
  • Multi award winning designs

Delta Kitchen Faucets with MagnaTite™ system

Delta Pilar Faucets

The Pilar series incorporates the latest Touch2O® Technology for one touch control of water flow for maximum convenience in the kitchen. The award winning design offers the best possible defence against contamination of food from pathogens and coliform bacteria. For a healthy kitchen it is a revelation. It makes water management a breeze, and is sold with the option of a matching soap dispenser, and features a traditional handle should you prefer to control water flow manually from time to time.

The design features a hose and spray arrangement hidden out of sight. Just pull the extendible nozzle down and the hose is revealed. A one twist system turns the jet to a spray to give you water pressure when you need it, whilst conserving water for less heavy duty work. A MagneTite® Docking System locks the nozzle back in place after use. 

The nozzle has the Touch Clean® system for easy maintenance, and a twist control for an aerated spray or a stream of water. DIAMOND™ Seal Technology keeps everything water tight and with a lifetime guarantee. It really is the best faucet that money can buy.

Delta Leland Kitchen Faucets

The Delta Leland packs in the features, and it is a best selling design. It features a pull down spray hose for convenient cleaning, with a handle for manual control. It is one of the most efficient models within the range, and helps you to manage your water usage.  The MagnaTite® Docking System makes it easy to put back after use for maximum convenience.

The frictionless system is easy to use, and features a one twist design to change the water flow from a spray to a jet setting, for easy control of water usage. The Delta Leland series will keep the water bills low and your house ecological, ensuring you only use whatever water you need.

The faucet is constructed with DIAMOND™ Seal Technology providing a hard wearing value assembly which lasts ten times longer than standard ball joint fittings. 

The single lever style is both easy to use and easy to keep clean, and it makes a stylish addition to any kitchen.

Available in a range of finishes and styles, the solid brass construction is one of the most popular, however chrome and stainless steel are both available. The Leland is available with an optional soap or moisturiser dispenser.

Delta Cicero faucet

Stylish, elegant and simple. The Cicero offers a minimalist design, which whilst small, packs in a lot of features. The spout is connected to a retractable hose with a MagnaTite® docking system for a secure fit. It offers the ultimate in convenience in a kitchen, and is a great help for food preparation. The nozzle is from the Delta Touch Clean® line for easy cleaning, and a Multi-Flow™ one touch control is located on the hose for great water management.

For minimalist style, the faucet can be fitted without a base plate, and it is available with a lotion or soap dispenser. It is one of the best priced Hi-Tec faucets produced by Delta, and a highly popular choice.

Delta Victorian Style One Touch Faucet

A variation on the one touch faucet with Touch2O® Technology, this beautiful Victorian style faucet in solid brass features fleur-de-lis styling and classic timeless appeal.

Faucet technology has come a long way since Victorian England, and whilst looking antique it packs in all of the latest technology. Single touch control, Diamond seal technology, a pull down extendible hose, an easy-clean nozzle and the magnetic seal secures the hose in place when not in use.

Water can be controlled by a separate handle, and a soap dispenser makes this one of the most stylish combinations from the Delta kitchen faucet range.

Sold in brass, black, stainless steel and brushed steel finishes it is sure to look fantastic in any kitchen.

Delta Wall Mounted Faucets

Delta Wall-Mount Kitchen Faucets from

The Delta wall mounted kitchen faucet offers the Delta stamp of quality in a traditional design. The faucet has a long lasting corrosion resistant chrome finish with two easy clean handles.

Sold with a lifetime warranty, for re-fitting a kitchen on a budget it is an excellent choice. Designed to easily fix onto a wall it still packs in the technology with DIAMOND™ Seal Technology to ensure trouble free valves and a leak-proof fitting.

Delta appreciate that you will not want to pay for a fitter to install your new faucet, so they have released an easy to follow series of guides on YouTube for a problem free installation. Just follow the video series if you get stuck, although tall Delta Kitchen Faucets are sold with instructions.


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    • profile image

      A. Burley 6 years ago

      This is a great idea, but unfortunately the touch control doesn't work as expected. Sometimes it works and some times it doesn't. It does work well once you convert it to full manual. The company is not easy to deal with. After 6 weeks, emailing pictures of the installation, several unreturned phone calls and emails, they are sending me a new control unit which of course is on back order. This is the last Delta faucet I will buy!


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