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Designing The Condominium Garden

Updated on January 13, 2011

balcony garden tour

condo gardening

Gardening has changed over the years, not the how so much as the where. Small space gardens are drawing more interests possibly due to the numerous time constraints many of us live with and scheduling is a way of life.

Time is one reason but another is space itself. People are choosing to live in condominiums, townhouses or apartments for a variety of reasons and there are few, if any single homes available.

Some choose a suburban townhouse because it is affordable or located in an area that suits their lifestyle.

Regardless of the reasons container and small space gardening is on the rise.

The condominium or condo garden, while needing to follow the basic gardening rule of right plant, right place, has aspects that a backyard or container garden set out on a deck does not have.

The first is rules. Before you even commit your condo garden plan to paper, check the building rules as they will tell you if there are limits to what you can grow and outline any other regulations you must follow.

If you have any doubts check with the condo committee. This aproach also applies to apartment balcony gardens and possibly to townhouses gardens; regardless of your home style check first and save yourself some heartache and work later on.

the plan

Once you know what the rules are you can begin to plan you garden. Step one is to determine how much time you have to spend tending the garden. Do not build a garden that you cannot look after, it will not only look unfinished and possibly unkempt but it will be discouraging. The aesthetics of a backyard garden and a condo or balcony garden are very different.

Consider the other uses you have for this space. Does it serve as an outdoor room where you entertain or relax with a morning cup of coffee or evening glass of wine and a book.

Now, what do you want to plant. The rules governing the condo or apartment may affect this choice which is another excellent reason to check before you build.

You ill most likely be growing your plants in containers and as long as the container is big enough and the rules permit you can grow what you wish this way. You will have to use containers that harmonize with the decor and blend with the building, but there are so many possibilities that is easy enough to do.

Take a closer look at what light is available to you, are there any impediments to the sun, a balcony overhead can cast much shade and you will have to plant accordingly.

Railings make great trellises and you can grow peas, beans, small squash and mornign glories on them, for example.

One thing you may to find out is if you can attach planter boxes to walls or the dividers between balconies, if you can you are now able to increase your growing space.

Containers need drainage holes and you will want to lace the container inside a bowl or otehr object to keep the excess water from flowing across the balcony and ruining the floor while also dripping onto the balcony below.

If you do a little work and give some though to the conditions where your condo garden is, you can experience a bit of nature even in the heart of a major urban centre.


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