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Designing Your Child's Thomas and Friends Theme Bedroom

Updated on May 23, 2015

All little boys (and some little girls) love trains, and one of the trains they love best is Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends on the Island of Sodor. If you have a little one who's a big fan of Thomas, I'm sure he will love the following ideas for a Thomas and Friends' bedroom...

The Wall

If you can go all out, the best option would be to go with a painted scene from the Island of Sodor. Not only is it more unique, but you have the capability of customise it specifically to your child's interests. For instance, if your child's favourite engine is one of the lesser known engines, you can choose a picture featuring that engine. Of course, finding a painter who could do this for you might not be so straight forward.

The next best thing would be to use a wall-to wall mural that covers the entire length and width (or as much of as possible) of one wall of the room. That would be just as visually impactful as a painted scene from the Island of Sodor. If you are a little more budget conscious, there are smaller wall murals and wall stickers that come in all shapes and sizes that you can attach artfully around the room to maintain the Thomas and Friends theme. The stickers can also be used to customise plain bedroom furniture (ideally based in Thomas theme colours) with the Thomas and Friends theme.

The Bed

Like the walls, there are many ways to customise your Thomas and Friends bed.

  1. You can buy a ready-made Thomas and Friends bed. Little Tyke sells a bed created in the shape of Thomas the Tank Engine.
  2. You can have a custom-made bed shaped like an engine.
  3. You can purchase a bed with the head-board or foot painted with pictures from Thomas and Friends.
  4. You can use Thomas and Friends design themed bedsheets.

Obviously your child will find an engine-shaped bed a lot more fun, however, future practicalities and financial considerations make the sheets are more viable option. Additionally, with the latter you can alter the look from week to week as change the sheets.

Other Furniture

There are lots of other ways to customise your Thomas and Friends themed room. You can add Thomas and Friends curtains which not only add to the theme but you can use them in place of a wall sticker. If your child decides that Thomas is no longer the flavour of the month, it will be a lot easier to change the curtains than it will be to remove a wall sticker.

You can also add a Thomas and Friends rug onto the floor as a play mat as well as a Thomas and Friend table and chair set. With the latter, you can also choose to customise them with a plain table using Thomas and Friends stickers. Those IKEA children's tables and chairs would be perfect in blue.

Lights and Ceiling

There are Thomas and Friends table lamps and night lights available if your little engineer needs a little light in the middle of the night. If your child likes all trains and engines in general, the variety of table lamps are endless! Alternatively, if only Thomas will do, you could go one up and get a two-in-one Thomas and Friends ceiling fan with light. Yes, they think of everything these days.

Other Miscellaneous

And what would a Thomas themed room be without a "Conductor's Only" bedroom sign on the door? Or a Thomas and Friends stuffed toy to keep your little conductor company while he sleeps? And a Thomas and Friends book light for when he wants to read a book before going to sleep? There are a multitude of Thomas and Friends merchandise that can all those little finishing touches to a room that only a true Thomas and Friends fan would appreciate.

Finishing Touch

Last but not least, what would a true Thomas fan be without his Thomas and Friends toys? A Thomas, Annie and Clarabel Playhut provides a nice little hideaway within a room. And what Thomas fan doesn't dream of having his own Thomas and Friends train play table? If space restrictions don't permit a permanent play table, there is an under-the-bed Thomas and Friends trundle table you can opt for.

The options for a Thomas and Friends themed bedroom are limitless and you definitely do not have to put in everything in this list to create your Thomas and Friends bedroom. These are just some ideas to show you what is already available and to get the ideas flowing.

Planning a themed bedroom is a lot of fun but the best part of all is presenting it to your little enthusiast and watching his reaction as he steps into his "new" bedroom.


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