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Did you ever think of relocating to Bulgaria?

Updated on September 21, 2012
Hotnitsa waterfall in summer
Hotnitsa waterfall in summer

It could be the place of your dreams

Bulgaria is a beautiful and scenic country, steeped in history and tradition. Some parts of it's communist past are still in plain sight, but there is so much more to see. From sandy beaches to snowy mountains, there is something for everyone in Bulgaria.

Whether you are thinking of buying as a holiday home, investment for the future or making the permanent move; there is a huge amount of different types of property for sale in Bulgaria. To suit all tastes and pockets. Rural properties are still by far the cheapest, but you need to take into account the amount possibly needed for renovation works. Flight prices to Bulgaria can differ immensely and if you are buying to rent to potential holiday makers then this can really affect any bookings.

It really pays to spend time in Bulgaria looking around at all possibilities. Do some serious research before committing to buy anything. Think long and hard whether you would be able to spend all or part of the year in a quiet, traditional village or if the bright lights and better facilities of a holiday resort or town would suit you better. Remember we're all individuals so one person's idea of the perfect place may not be the same as yours.


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