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Differences between Normal and Professional oven cleaning

Updated on March 27, 2016

Oven Cleaning Newcastle

There are several important differences between your average DOY oven cleaning, and professional oven cleaning.

1) Firstly, professional oven cleaning is not possible without having a hot tank in which to soak the racks and plates. In average oven cleaning, the absence of a hot tank means that there is no way to remove all of the stains. The removal of stains from the racks and plates means that there will be no germs left in the oven, and less electricity will be used since the oven will be heating only the food, and not the grime. Additionally, there will be no smoke from the grime and fat left in the oven, meaning that your food will cook and taste better.

2) Secondly, a professional oven cleaner will have the right tools to properly dismantle the back plate, meaning that the fans can be cleaned, and grease removed from the back plate. As well as the back and side plates, the professional will be able to remove the door and ceiling, so that they can be properly cleaned. Without the right tools, products and skill, cleaning the ceiling can be a challenging and demanding task.

3) A professional oven cleaner will be able to avoid leaving scratches on the oven, as well as changing the colour of racks and trays through dodgy chemicals. Using the right tools and chemicals will leave your oven looking fresher and in better condition, so that it will last longer. In professional oven cleaning, we don't say that your oven will look almost new. We say that your oven WILL look brand new.

Ultimately, there are many advantages in getting your oven properly cleaned, including hygiene, long-term finance, and a more satisfying cooking and dining experience.


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