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Different Tile Styles for the Bathroom

Updated on October 7, 2011

Your bathroom is a great place to add a little creativity when it comes to remodeling and textured tile is a good material to use. When using textured tile, a little creativity can go a long way. There are many different styles, sizes and textures of tiles to choose from. Choose the best one that fits your style and even mix and match if you want to.

Natural Stone

Natural stone tile can be a perfect fit for most bathroom remodels. They are durable, resistant to stains and wear and tear and can come in many different styles and colors. These include slate, limestone, quartzite, travertine which is similar to limestone, sandstone and marble. Patterns of natural stone are created when purchasing them in many different colors.

Ceramic Tile

There are endless different styles of ceramic tile. You can even achieve the natural stone look with the more popular stone-look tile. However, maybe you prefer a more glossy look when it comes to ceramic tile. If so, maybe you should consider a high gloss marbleized tile. This type of tile can add a bit of elegance to any home. However, the glossier the style of tile, the more slippery it can be when wet. The look of ceramic tile is related to its texture. If it has a rustic look to it, it will have a rough feel to it.

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile is becoming more and more popular because of the different styles it now comes in and the durability. Vinyl tile is waterproof, easy to maintain and clean, easy to install and comes in many different styles. It can come in wood, stone, slate and parquet effects. On top of everything, vinyl tile is cheap and comfortable with a cushion effect.

Glass Tile

Glass tile is another one that is becoming more popular with consumers and interior designers. Glass tiles popularity is far from new, however as it was used all the way back to the Roman Empire. Most glass tile is made from recycled glass and because of this, it is less expensive. Glass tile is available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, textures and patterns. Some of these include opaque, iridescent and translucent. Mosaic patterns are the most popular and they come in small sheets, large murals or border strips. Glass tile mosaic patterns also come in solid borders and accent pieces. The surfaces can be smooth and slip resistant also.


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