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Different Types of cafes and Furniture that best suits them

Updated on March 7, 2014

There are different types of cafes and restaurants. Each type has its own set of suitable furniture. The restaurant owner should always consider the type of business that they would like to open before they buy furniture. This will ensure that they are able to get the right types of furnishings for their cafe. The following are the different types of cafes and the type of furniture that suits them best.

Indoor cafe

With indoor dining establishments, the restaurateur can focus on the theme of the restaurant as well as the style. They can buy different types of furniture, as long as everything matches the theme and the color. They can also consider the material that was used to make the furniture, as well as other factors such as the mobility of the furniture and the color. For example, if they want a modern theme for their indoor cafe, they can buy furniture in brighter colors. They can use solid wood materials as well as leather for the sofa.

Outdoor cafe

Outdoor cafes have to consider the weather, the material and the durability of the al fresco furniture that they buy. If the place experiences hot weather, the restaurant owner cannot buy metal tables and chairs as they will heat up. They cannot buy wooden furniture either as it usually cracks in heat. If the place is very windy, they will have to buy furniture that is heavier. They cannot buy plastic or aluminum chairs and tables as the furniture will be easily blown away by strong winds. The restaurateur will also have to think about where they will keep the furniture at night. A lot of people are not comfortable with leaving furniture out at night. Therefore, if they have to carry everything inside after they close the restaurant, they will have to think about buying lighter furniture.

Fast Food Restaurants

The emphasis in such cafes is on speed of service. The client does not sit down as they wait to be served. In most cases, they wait in line until they arrive at a counter where they pay for the food. After being served, they can walk to a nearby table to eat their meal. This restaurants emphasize on quick service. Therefore, clients are not encouraged to stay for long periods of time. The furniture for such eateries is functional, but it is not too comfortable.

Fine Dining restaurants

The furniture that is present in these restaurants can provide a perception of the type of service that clients can expect to receive. This is why everything in such cafes are usually immaculate and of the highest quality. Such eating establishments must pay a lot of attention to detail. They must buy furniture that is made from high quality materials. The tables and the chairs must have excellent finishes. If the furniture in a high end eatery is of low quality, it will affect the image of the place. The purpose of the furniture in such establishments is to create a high end ambiance or atmosphere. For this reason, the furniture in such restaurants must be functional as well as visually appealing.

Each cafe has its own standards which the restaurant owner must follow when they buy furniture. They should always consider the type of restaurant that they have. They can then purchase furniture that is suitable for their specific establishment.


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