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Differnt containers to keep things clean.

Updated on October 27, 2014
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Jar with cotton.

Think in the future

Some containers are great to use again after you use the original product. It gives the decor your own style. When you shop for your candles or other jars . You can also get a good looking container.During your shopping try to find jars and bottles that you can use later.You can use your empty jars for storage later. For example, you can use them in your bathroom, kitchen and closet. Jars are good for the bathroom to keep cotton balls and cotton swabs. The cotton balls and cotton swabs are easy to get out of the jar. Jars are good in the kitchen to keep small bags of mustard, ketchup, soya sause,salt and sugar. Jars are good for the closet to hide coins . Your money will be clean and free of odor.

Plastic Containers.

Plastic containers are good for many things. The best size is 6Qt. by 5.7L.

You can also use the plastic box to deep small delicate clothes in soapy water and then closed the lead to prevent spills.

You can keep plastic utensils from take out food restaurants.

You can keep your shoes in the plastic boxes and they will never be scrach. you can see through the clear box.What color matches your dress when you want to make a perfect match.

Plastic Container.

 Sterilite 's Plastic Box
Sterilite 's Plastic Box | Source

Can Containers

Can containers are good to keep items that are made of metal.

You can keep nails and other items. Such as, You keep your screws and small parts made of plastic that you might want to save for later. Use a seal dry container to avoid rust.

You can use metal container that holds enough soil, and you can use the can for growing plants. You need to open a few holds on the bottom of the container, so when you water your plants. The water will go through the holes .And you will have a nice healthy plant growing.

The can's container are good to grow avocado and mango tree. You can also use the can's containers to grow hanging plants for your patio or back yard. Before you use the can. You can paint the empty can.

Easy to grow plant.
Easy to grow plant. | Source


Every day you empty a jar. You need to think. If you want to throw the jar out, or you can use it for something else. The good thing about keeping things in a jar . You can always see things through the glass.

The cans need to be wash too that will prevent to accumulate bacteria and bad odor.

Besise the regular plastic or metal containers, you can use the clothes's shopping bag. There are usually 1.00 Dollar at the groceries's store.

The carton boxes are good for one time use. The boxes are good for cans and news paper.

Glass Containers Are Good For Growing Plants.

An 11 by 3 inches tall container is good to grow some plants that produce enougth veins and leaves.

when you grow a plant in a glass. You need to keep the plant near the sink. The perfect place is by the window. The plant need some ligth and water. It is a perfect indoor plant.

Plant Growing In A Glass Container.

How To Get Driving Directions.

The best way to go around. You need to get your Directions ahead of time. Before you go on the road. Then, if you use the GPS. You will get the idea fast. Were you are going to the wrong direction or the right way.


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