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Digital wall clocks for all tastes

Updated on October 31, 2010
Atomic digital wall clocks are now an affordable novelty
Atomic digital wall clocks are now an affordable novelty

A clock is just a clock...right?

There are a lot of different wall clocks on the market, but digital wall clocks are gaining more popularity. If you are thinking of buying one of these timepieces, it is important that you know a bit about the different types available. Knowing these types will assist you in getting a great deal in selecting one that suits your needs.

Digital wall clocks are mainly divided in three categories. There is the automatically adjusted digital wall clock, atomic decomposition clock, and the more traditional (and more affordable) quartz clock mechanism. Every type has its own specifications and benefits. You can get one from any of the three depending on your needs and intended purposes.

The quartz: this is a simple form of digital wall clock. Electric pulses are generated by passing electric current through a quartz stone contained inside the clock. The main advantage of the quartz digital clock is that it has a cheap price tag. It is actually wise to look for a shop with good bulk prices in case you want to get more than one of these clocks. Cheaper quartz clocks will need adjustment every few months, but good quartz digital wall clocks can go for a year or more between adjustments.

Auto adjusted clocks: These are a lot more costly than simple quartz digital wall clocks. This is because they have a radio receiver incorporated in them that allows them to receive time from a time radio station and consequently synchronize themselves. These clocks may need to be placed in a position that allows them to receive transmissions from an appropriate source. Before you buy one of these clocks, make sure that there is in fact a radio transmitter in your area, otherwise it will be a waste of money!

Atomic digital clocks: These digital clocks are favoured by people who are enthusiastic about physics and science, as the time keeping system is quite complicated but very interesting. Atomic clocks work using microwave impulses (a form of radiation) emitted by a sample of mildly radioactive material. Atomic clocks designed for domestic applications are quite similar in principle to the clocks used in laboratories. Atomic clock are the most accurate time keeping devices known, and one of these might be perfect if you are fascinated by scientific concepts.


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