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Dimmable LED Flood Light Bulb - GU10 7w, 9w, 11 Watt LED Indoor Floods

Updated on August 17, 2014

Whilst the initial outlay for dimmable LED flood light bulbs is pretty high when compared to their equivalent incandescent or halogen equivalents, that cost will eventually amount to significant monetary savings over the course of its lifetime. Now, with LED floods and spotlight bulbs which can be dimmed, which are ideal for track and recessed ceiling can light fixtures, there is even more reason to make the switch.

Dimmable light emitting diode flood lights can save hundreds of dollars in comparison to traditional incandescent models and use around 80% less electricity to create the same amount of illumination whilst also producing less heat. They do this without the mercury content which makes them a more appealing alternative to CFL lightbulbs and can save hundreds of dollars over the course of their lifetime. By the time one of these dies, manufacturers claim you could have burned through 25 traditional bulbs which also makes them ideal for hard to reach places like recessed ceiling mounted fixtures as you'll need to replace them much less often which means less climbing up and down ladders.

It's not often you can go green and save money at the same time but dimmable LED flood lights allow you to do just that, with each one potentially saving you hundreds of dollars. They manage to achieve this feat whilst reducing the amount of energy you use, reducing waste as they last much longer and saving on A/C costs as these run much cooler than traditional bulbs which can really heat up an area.

As mentioned, the initial cost can be off-putting, but you can find discount LED lightbulbs online which helps bring the cost down. Plus, if you consider how much money you can save, that initial outlay is an investment which is guaranteed to save you money in the long term. For example, if a 40W flood runs for 8 hours a day and costs, say $20 a year. A 7W LED, which produces the same amount of illumination whilst running at a much lower wattage, run for that same time period will cost around $3. It pays for itself in a couple of years and then the rest is money in the bank.

Where Can I Find Cheap Dimmable Flood Light Bulbs Online?

If bought at store prices these can be pretty expensive although much of that will be recouped in terms of energy savings and increased longevity but for extra savings you can find some great discount offers at some retail stores.

For a store which has a great return policy (essential when ordering something which can get broken and damaged in the mail) you can't beat the range of dimmable LED flood light bulbs offered by Amazon. To go straight to their full range click here and see the discount prices for yourself.

Bright Dimmable 60 Watt LED Floodlights

Dimmable LED Par38 Light Bulb Replaces Incandescent Halogen Recessed Track Warm White 830 Lumens
Dimmable LED Par38 Light Bulb Replaces Incandescent Halogen Recessed Track Warm White 830 Lumens

Outputs 500 lumens of white light whilst drawing only 11 watts of power and outputting little heat. Its long life makes it a great replacement for use in hard to reach places like ceiling can fixtures but it is also ideal for use in recess and track lighting in kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and other applications.


Dimmer LED Bulb vs CFL Bulbs

There are some major reasons why you would want to consider purchasing the new light emitting diode technology compared to a compact fluorescent alternative especially if you are looking for the ability to dim it.

Dimmable CFLs do exist but users are report they are not a perfect replacement by any means. They are prone to buzzing noise and color distortion in the low powered dimmed setting and it's hard to find base fittings for GU10 or MR16 bi-pin halogen bulbs in CFL format.

On the other hand, dimmable LEDs are becoming easier to find and do not suffer from noisy buzzing sounds or color fluctuations as the bulb is dimmed down. In addition to the regular advantages these have compared with CFL lightbulbs which include no harmful mercury component as seen in compact fluorescent bulbs, a longer lifespan (can be up to 85% longer), better power efficiency with a 10W LED being equivalent to a 20W CFL and no warm up times, it's easy to see how light emitting diode bulbs are the best alternative to traditional halogen and incandescent models.

Dimmable 40 Watt Flood Lamps

Philips AmbientLED 7-Watt Medium Base R20 Indoor Flood
Philips AmbientLED 7-Watt Medium Base R20 Indoor Flood

This 7 Watt dimmable LED flood replaces a standard 40 watt indoor flood. It produces white light ideal for recessed and track lighting applications. It is designed to last up to 20 years and uses less energy than either an incandescent or CFL and contains no lead or mercury.


Suitability For Track Lighting

The really nice thing about choosing this technology for indoor track lighting is that the very nature of their design makes them ideal for this application.

LEDs product directional light which makes them ideal for downward directed illumination applications such as that seen in home track fixtures. Some also feature additional lenses which concentrate and focus the light for spotlights or spread it out for a wider effect which covers a more diffuse area.

Suitability For Recessed Lighting

In addition to being perfect for track and monorail lighting rails these are also perfect for recessed areas as well. We replaced our traditional recessed bulbs with LED lights and couldn't be happier with the results. Not only were the old ones a pain to replace as they would blow regularly and being mounted in the ceiling behind our wet bar were a nuisance to reach, but they would also get really hot with prolonged use which not only made being behind the bar unpleasant during the summer time but also always made us a little worried about them being a fire hazard. No such problems with the replacements and they can still be dimmed and save us on energy costs too.

Dimmable 75W Replacement

Are LED Bulbs Brighter Than CFL or Incandecent Bulbs?

LED floods often seem brighter than any other type which produces the same amount of lumens because they focus light rather than spreading it out over a wide area. This is great for applications like flood, recessed ceiling can and track lighting because the brightest LED lamp will often appear brighter than its alternatives as you get more focused lighting from a single lightbulb.

You don't always want your source of illumination to be directional however, and that's why some manufacturers have started producing LED flood lights which output diffuse lighting through the use of lens covers which spread the beams out rather like traditional sources of illumination. This can lead to a perceived loss of brightness however, so you may need to buy a higher wattage with higher lumen levels to compensate.


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