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Can You Believe Internet Reviews and Comments?

Updated on October 20, 2015

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire.This Internet Stuff is Unbelievable

I swear this product is the best I ever used (whatever it is)
I swear this product is the best I ever used (whatever it is)

As a freelance write, I must admit that I have accepted more than one assignment from various marketing sites requesting that I write positive reviews about products or services I had never before used, let alone heard of before. At an early point in my writing career, I did in fact, submit a few articles of this type, but somehow that little voice from within, the one many of us refer to as our conscience, intervened and continues to ask if Internet product reviews are a bundle of lies?

Here’s a bit of insider information for the men and women who shop online. Don’t Believe Everything You Read. Be cautious about the information you find in the customer comments and product reviews you find posted alongside many online products. We all like to hear about products we are considering purchasing from the people who use them. In the past, information like this was passed along from friend to friend, neighbor to neighbor across backyard fences or at the stores. But, so many of the old ways have gone by the wayside, replaced by online comments left supposedly from actual users of the products, but instead often written by freelance mercenary writers who are hired to write glowing reviews

How pervasive is this practice? As writer and also a person who buys a fair amount of merchandise online ,I can truthfully say that over 30 percent of the reviews you read are written by marketing companies and content providers, not actual users of the products.

False reviews are not limited to the Internet as brick and mortar operations are utilizing the same tactics to manipulate product reviews. Legitimate companies are being victimized by companies that are sending bogus product reviews, to both types of retailers. In a recent article in CNN MONEY, that practice has forced more retailers like Price Grabber to increase security and weed out those companies that are discovered to be regular posters of false claims, and outright lies.

The stakes are high in our very competitive markets. Consequently, companies that sell products on the Internet must stay on alert. It’s up to them to separate truth from false marketing reviews and comments on their sites. The best advice we can offer is this: “if a product's endorsements and claims go far beyond reasonable expectations, they should not be accepted as true”.

The truth always finds a way to be discovered and liats will be uncovered -. just follow the fire trucks.

Internet Author Promises to Never Again write A False Product Review

I will Never again write a false review. I will Never again write a false review.I will Never again write a false review. I will Never again write a false review. I will Never again write a false review.I will Never again write a false review. I swea
I will Never again write a false review. I will Never again write a false review.I will Never again write a false review. I will Never again write a false review. I will Never again write a false review.I will Never again write a false review. I swea | Source

Since Taking the Pledge .....

Ever since I took the pledge to be completely honest in all my writing, i sleep better. I have lowered my blood pressure and lost 49 lbs. I am relieved that never again will my pants catch on fire.


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