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Discover Your Home Design Personality

Updated on October 15, 2018
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Linda is a seasoned writer and bedroom authority. She loves sharing design trends, decor ideas, and useful tips with her readers.


Effortlessly Eclectic

You embrace a wide variety of styles and time periods in your home’s decor and deftly link everything together using color, texture and shape. Things that match perfectly are a big turn off. You like to break the rules when it comes to decorating. This avant-garde design style is perfect for those of us who can’t settle on a single decorating approach.

An eclectic room has a variety of funky and stylish elements.
An eclectic room has a variety of funky and stylish elements. | Source

Totally Traditional

You feel most content when surrounded by familiar forms, colors and materials Guests are immediately drawn in by classic furniture pieces, fine woodwork, graceful curves and elegant fabrics. You have a connection with European, Old World or early American design. Your home exudes symmetry, calm and timeless elegance.

Traditional kitchens feature established architectural details.
Traditional kitchens feature established architectural details. | Source

Very Vintage

You love the accessibility and affordability of vintage retro furniture and accessories. To you, the hunt for unique statement pieces at flea markets or garage sales is almost as much fun as the finished room. Whether it’s a sophisticated mid-century sofa, a weathered farm table or a brightly colored collection of 1940s Fiestaware you have a deep and abiding respect for all things with a story from the past.

Vintage objects give this room a nod to the past.
Vintage objects give this room a nod to the past. | Source

Glamorously Global

You are an explorer in a world with few boundaries. Faraway places fill your dreams and exotic furnishings fill your home. You have picked up a few from your journeys. Nomadic pals gladly contribute to your collection of ethnic treasures. Whatever the source, your home reflects the vibrancy of a life well traveled.

Relics and rich textiles gathered from well-traveled journeys create a room with an exotic aura.
Relics and rich textiles gathered from well-traveled journeys create a room with an exotic aura. | Source

Mostly Modern

You abhor clutter. Simplicity is your mantra. Clean lines and open spaces allow you to breathe and explore all that is progressive in design. Geometric shapes and angles speak to you and play a big part in your decorating. Your contemporary design aesthetic artfully merges form with function, giving your home both beauty and purpose.

Simplicity is the principle of modern design.
Simplicity is the principle of modern design. | Source

Comfortably Casual

You would feel equally at home in a windswept beach cottage, French country farmhouse or a rustic mountain cabin. Relaxed, homey, warm and inviting define your lifestyle and decorating style. Overstuffed seating and natural surfaces give a laid-back vibe and are the perfect complement to your everyday life.

Warm hues and comfortable furnishings create a family-friendly casual room.
Warm hues and comfortable furnishings create a family-friendly casual room. | Source

Beautifully Boho

You are a wild child who likes to be surrounded by offbeat fabrics, accessories, textures, colors and plants. The ingredients for boho perfection consist of a pinch of indie spirit and a dash of free-spirited gypsy. The crowning touch incorporates tons of personality and charm. Creating a beautiful bohemian design for your home sparks artistic inspiration and complete relaxation.

Varieties of textures are prominent in boho style.
Varieties of textures are prominent in boho style. | Source

Learn More About Your Design Aesthetic

1. Are you a minimalist or a collector?
If you love collections you'd probably prefer eclectic, global or vintage. These design styles are similar in nature. They incorporate collectibles such as antiques, travel souvenirs or objects d'art.
If you dislike clutter you should choose modern, traditional or casual. They all have a symmetrical feel to them. Modern rooms have fewer accessories and furniture. Traditional and casual styles both have an orderly and clean appearance.
2. Are you drawn to bold or subtle colors?
If you fancy vivid color palettes you should consider boho, global or eclectic. The three typically lean toward bold hues with a mix of eye-catching colors and patterns. On the other hand, you can also use deep jewel tone colors like garnet, sapphire and emerald.
If you gravitate toward neutral colors think about modern, casual or traditional interiors. Although neutral literally means pale or wishy-washy, these three styles often incorporate subtle undertones that give an extra little lift to colors such as taupe, ivory, beige, gray or white.
3. Do you prefer urban or rural?
If you’re happy in the city you’d likely want your home to look global, eclectic or modern. A city loft would look quite appropriate with decorated with curated furnishings from either of these styles.
If you yearn to live in a country setting you could feel right at home with vintage, traditional or casual decor. As these names suggest, the styles are associated the concept of a warm and inviting environment.
4. Do you feel drawn to the past or present?
If you’re into the past, modern, vintage or traditional styles are right up your alley. These all have classic essentials, retro design and historical architecture.
Being in the now you may want to lean toward eclectic, boho or casual. They fit in quite well with the latest design trends such as laid-back furnishings, personal objects and comfortable surroundings.

Pick Your Ideal Style Identity

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© 2018 Linda Chechar


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