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Do Not Count On Best Buy To Come Through To Service Your Products In A Reasonable Time

Updated on November 19, 2011

Best Buy Not the Best at Repairing Products

So we bought a whirlpool washer back in March only nine months ago from Best Buy and of course it has a one year warranty on it. So it just stops working (1st issue) only nine months old and the dryer stops working. So we call Best Buy to get it serviced and they said it will be 6 weeks before they could send someone over because there is no one in our area the big city of Jacksonville to service their products. (2nd issue) What??? You have a huge store that sells products and no one to service them? We will have someone call you to schedule an appointment that was Wednesday Nov 16th. No one called so we called back. Idiot number two said oh just take it back to the store so we did (3rd issue) Oh were sorry we dont know why they would tell you that because we don't take them here. They call some third party place and said they would call today in the morning to schedule service. Well now it's one oclock in the afternoon and still no phone call. So I call them for them to tell me they have no third party person to service my dryer (4th issue) But if you call the manufacturer they can help you out or you can wait until December 10th to get service (5th issue) . So now I am really upset because they could have told me to call the manufacturer from day one which was four days ago. So I scheduled an appointment on line and they will be here Friday Nov 25th which is a lot better than waiting three weeks. I will never purchase another appliance from Best Buy ever again.

My issue is 1) The dryer should not be breaking down at only 9 months old and was not misused in any way.

2) If you can't service products then why do you sell them?

3) If I was a manager of a store and someone bought a product that was still fairly new and it was not working I would make them come and fix it or replace it immediately.



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