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Do Solid Shutters Reduce Noise Pollution

Updated on February 26, 2013

If you suffer from high levels of noise pollution in your house, you are most probably desperate to find a way to dampen and reduce the amount of external noise that you can hear at home. Luckily, solid window shutters can provide some assistance. To achieve the optimum effect, it is wise to invest in double-glazed windows if you have not already done so – this can also dramatically contribute to the amount of external noise you can hear inside the home. When used in conjunction with each other, you will find that your nights are far more restful!

Solid shutters are typically the best window coverings for reducing levels of noise pollution as they are made from thick panels of wood, producing a barrier which absorbs much of the noise from outside. Wooden plantation shutters are installed so that they sit flush into the recess of the window, which does not allow for gaps for noise to emanate.

Some people use curtains as their preferred window dressing, but, no matter how heavy the fabric, they will never block out as much noise as a fitted window shutter can. Heavy curtain fabrics tend to muffle the external noise that can be heard inside, as opposed to preventing the noise from entering the room at all. This is because they do not sit flush with the window and therefore allow noise to permeate the window, the curtains and into the room.

Apart from their ability to reduce ambient noise, solid window shutters are an attractive addition to any room by combining simplicity and practicality. Although solid shutters provide better levels of noise reduction, wooden louvred shutters are also available, which allow you to filter light with the louvres. When shut completely, these shutters will, however, have a significant effect on levels of noise. Internal shutters have even been known to add value to your house as they become part of the house when you move as it is rare that they will be removed unless particularly desired.

Wooden plantation shutters have also proved to be an energy-efficient addition to the home as they act as quality insulation in the winter and also keep the room cool in the summer by keeping the room shaded. In turn, this shading can also protect your furniture from any light damage that could occur.

If you are seeking a way of noise-proofing your home but are worried about the look of the potential solutions, solid window shutters are an ideal choice as they serve a very strong purpose, together with being aesthetically pleasing.


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