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Do You Have A Mouse In Your House?

Updated on September 19, 2017
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Ms. Millar has had many books published online and in print. She learned how to bind her own books to save money on publishing costs.

My Mouse House

Mouse House
Mouse House | Source

No Mouse In My House!

Most people don't want a mouse in their house. But, does it bother you that to get rid of a mouse the only options on the market offers to kill them? I don't like, or want, to kill anything. I don't have the right to choose who lives or dies, not even for a little mouse.

Yet, I don't want a, or several mice, sharing my home with me. They carry germs, they are sloppy eaters, and leave poo everywhere. Not something I want living with me.

I had a dilemma, I don't want mice in my house, but I do not want to kill them to achieve this goal. I came up with a live catch mouse house! After the mouse is caught, he/she is safe and secure, I take them for a drive in the country and let them loose. Yes, I do that. It makes me feel good, and probably the mouse too (I'm guessing on the mouses feelings about it).

A Mouse in The House!

Have you ever had to deal with a mouse in your house?

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Typical House Mouse


Plastic Live Catch Box

There is a live catch mouse trap on the market. It is a rectangular plastic container with a door that flips up. When the mouse enters, the door closes behind him/her in such a fashion that the mouse cannot push it open.

I used these a long time ago, but the result was NOT what I was looking for. There's 3 problems with the device I didn't care for:

  1. The box became air tight when the door closed. If anyone was, say, off at work when the mouse went into the trap, it would suffocate by the time you get home.
  2. There's no food, or water, option for the trap. Well, the bait can be considered food, but water, there's nothing.
  3. Dicey to open. Once the mouse is inside, to get him/her out, you have to put your finger in the box to push the door open, or flip it upside down, with the mouse in it, so the door will flop open.

I knew I could come up with something better, and I did.

Mouse House Trap Diagram

1. Sturdy Box  2. Latching Bar  3. Trap snapping bar  4. Latch retainer  5. Standard Mouse Trap  6. Sturdy String  7. Door
1. Sturdy Box 2. Latching Bar 3. Trap snapping bar 4. Latch retainer 5. Standard Mouse Trap 6. Sturdy String 7. Door | Source

Parts List

You will need:

  • One sturdy box with holes in the top for ventilation, and a door with a door knob on it. A box can be purchased, or, if your handy with wood, and glue, make your own. The box I used is a Bug Box. They run about $20, but they're so cute! My kids put flowers on the plexiglass.
  • A mouse trap. Now, all mouse traps are not the same. The one I found works the best is the one pictured below. It has the cheese piece as the latch. This kind I found works the best. Even when the bait is gone, the mouse will pull and tug on the piece of fake cheese, which activates the trap, bait, or no bait. I picked up the mouse trap at the same time with the Bug Box.
  • Two screws.
  • A drill with a small bit to drill the screw holes.
  • Sturdy string.
  • Peanut butter or mouse bait of your choice.

Standard Mouse Trap

Standard Mouse Trap
Standard Mouse Trap | Source

Make A Mouse House

This box was really easy to make, you can do this! The only draw-back to it is setting the trap itself. The doorway is small, so you have to squeeze your fingers in it to set the trap. I've had to put a stick through the top holes to hold the trigger down so I could set the trap. Here's how to make one:

  1. Take your box and construct it so it has a door with a knob on the outside and ventilation holes in the top (I decorated mine with flowers :) ).
  2. Use a standard mouse trap as shown in the diagram.
  3. Take a piece of good strong string, about 12-15 inches, and tie it to the trap snapping bar (the bar that flips over strikes the mouse).
  4. Lay the trap just inside the door of the box with the long latching bar on the outside, and the string on the snapping bar on the inside.
  5. Drill a couple of holes through the bottom of the box right through the wood part of the mouse trap. Two holes should be good.
  6. Put short wood screws through the holes to secure the trap to the floor.
  7. Take a hold of the string and pull the snapping bar back with it, bring the string out over the door, and close the door while still holding the string. Now make a knot in the end of the string so it holds the snapping bar open while hooked to the closed door. This is the position the snapping bar will be stopped in when the mouse enters, so you want it pretty high, or it will defeat the purpose of the live catch house.

Your box is ready to be set. Good job!!

Completed Mouse House Trap

And Your Done!
And Your Done! | Source

Set The Live Catch Mouse House

This is the part that can be difficult if you have big hands, but you can do it.

  1. First place some peanut butter, or other mouse bait on the latch retainer. Put a little cup of water inside too if you like.
  2. Using the string you attached to the snapping bar, pull the bar back and set the long latching bar on the latch retainer.
  3. Now take the string and bring it out the door, I go over the top of the door, and close the door while your still holding the string. Hook the string loop onto the door knob on the outside, It should be taunt, but not tight.
  4. Now open the door just enough for a mouse to walk in.
  5. Place the trap near the area you have a mouse and it's all set!

When a mouse activates the trap you will hear the door slam shut. A mouse can remain in this box for several hours safely. If he's a smart mouse he'll figure a way out, or chew through something, but this will take a while if you used a good material to make the box.

When the trap catches a mouse, take it for a drive to another location like a field, or pasture, open the door by pulling on the door knob and the mouse will jump out.

You just saved a life!!

The Mouse House Trap

What do you think of the Mouse House Trap?

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Mouse Caught; Safe and Sound

Caught! | Source

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