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Do not fear the Goo. It is your friend

Updated on June 28, 2017

Do you know the green goo kids play with? It's that fun slimey stuff that you can squish around for hours. Do you fear the goo? Fear the mess it can make? I'm here to get you to embrace the goo.

Are you aware that the same goo your kids play with is an excellent cleaning tool? It can clean anything from your car to things around the house. Even if you fear any added chemicals, you can make your own all natural goo. It's easy.

To make your own slime

5 teaspoons of glue,
4 teaspoons of water
3 teaspoons of borax.
You can also add some food coloring to create a color you like.
Stir well and give it a few minutes to rest

Once your goo is done, use it to clean things around the house. Use it to clean the car. When you're done, the accumulated dirt and dust can be easily removed by washing the slime with water.

There doesn't that make you feel better? You now understand that the evil goo can be your friend. Your ally against dirt and dust. Like i said before, embrace the goo!


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