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Do you have a Nuclear Radiation Disaster Plan?

Updated on August 24, 2012

Why should I have a Nuclear Disaster Plan?

We live in the Nuclear Age. Yet, most people do not have a plan for what they will do in the event of a nuclear disaster. It would be nice if the world would just get rid of all its nuclear materials but that simply is not realistic. This means that you should have a plan in place in the event of radiation fallout either from a nuclear bomb or nuclear meltdown. The Japanese learned from the reactor meltdown caused by a Tsunami that they were vastly unprepared to deal with consequences of nuclear mismanagement. The health affects are being felt long after the plant and reactor were cleaned up. Don't wait for a nuclear disaster to happen before you figure out how to handle that situation. Put your plan in place now.

A Two Stage Nuclear Disaster Plan

Your nuclear disaster plan should have two stages. The first stage is your response in the immediate aftermath of the nuclear disaster. The second stage is the long term solution to dealing with the fallout.

When the disaster first happens, your plan is focused on pure survival and protecting yourself from nuclear radiation. Once you have stabilized the situation under Stage one of your plan, you can move to stage two, which is how you plan to protect yourself over the long term from the nuclear fallout.

Stage 1: Short Term Response to Nuclear Disaster

The reality is, if you have warning, you will protect yourself by leaving the area before the radiation hits. But if you do not have warning, there are a few things you should do and then implement immediately to help protect yourself and family.

  1. Buy a Geiger Counter. This will help you to detect radiation in some cases before you will even hear about it on the news.
  2. Take Potassium Iodide to protect your thyroid from the radiation. This really only works for radiactive iodine and not for other types of radioactive materials
  3. Get a hazmat suit and oxygen tank - this is the only way to really protect yourself from immanent radiation.

Stage 2: Long Term Nuclear Disaster Response

Simply put; get out of town. Do not hang around. The potassium iodide protects your thyroid but it won't protect the rest of your body from radiation. In the event of nuclear fallout, there is no longer any point of trying to live there. Move away, permanently for your health and your family's health.

Also do your research. Know where you can go outside your area to get medical treatment and have doctors do what they can to get rid of the radiation from your body.


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