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Dressing Up a Room with a Ceiling Fan

Updated on September 18, 2012

Sprucing Up a Room with a Fitting Ceiling Fan

The primary reason most people install a ceiling fan in their home is to increase the air circulation and therefore cooling the rooms in the summer and warming up the chilly air in the winter.

The great thing about putting up a ceiling fan besides providing a way to keep your home more comfortable, is that the styles you have to choose from will undoubtedly add some pizzazz to the room.

No longer are we limited to a handful of styles found in discount stores or lighting stores. Now we have stores like Home Depot and Loews which carry a decent selection.

But to really experience the vast amount of choices you have, you must search the internet. That way you are not limited by your location. Shopping from home is much more efficient than running around to store after store. The most unique styles and the largest variety is undoubtedly found on the internet so I highly recommend it.

Dressing Up Any Room with a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are recommended for all rooms so the designs available are geared to fit in any and all rooms to be found in a home. Contemporary, antique, tropical, sporty, modern, sleek, and childish are just a few of the categories of styles you’ll find. You will find Winnie the Pooh and dinosaurs for the kid’s rooms.

And the fan can adapt as their tastes change. You can change out the blades to fit their latest interest. Maybe their taste will lean towards a baseball fan or a ceiling fan with a skateboard design.

Instead of just adding the fan, think about the advantages of adding a ceiling fan with a light. You have more illumination in the room without taking up any floor space. You may only use it when you need to really light up the room, but it's nice to have it as an option.

Tropical – Outside Fans

Tropical ceiling fans are designed to blend in with the outdoors. You will often find them in white or light, natural colors. Some are made with extra wide fan blades made from natural products like bamboo. This is a good choice for any outside fan design as using natural materials always works well with the outdoors.

There is one thing to consider before you make a selection based on looks alone. If you are installing an outdoor tropical ceiling fan, make sure you get a model that meets the requirements for the area you reside in. What I mean is there are two types of outside fans.

One is built to withstand “damp” conditions. That means outside air is fine but no direct moisture. It has to be located where it will always be protected from rain.

The “wet” fan can withstand all weather including rain! It is waterproof and can even be cleaned with a good hosing. Both the damp and wet ceiling fans can be used indoors.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans


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