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Driveway Alarm Systems

Updated on December 28, 2013

Driveway Alarms: what they can do to help

Despite the efforts of law enforcement officers, vandalism continues to plague suburban neighborhoods steadily through the early hours of the morning. fortunately there is a simple and effective solution for this problem. Have you ever had your home or car vandalized? it's really quite discomforting to know that someone has been on your property without permission. vandals often use spray paint, blunt objects, and toilet paper to exercise their destructive tasks leaving homeowners to clean up the mess. Fortunately for those of us above sitting on the front porch with a shot gun and risking the long prison sentence, many new and exciting devices known as driveway alarms are now being produced to help prevent unwanted visitors from making their way onto your property. Driveway alarms come in many forms ranging from the most simple motion detector/sound maker to extremely complex systems sold by well known security companies. price can very significantly as well, the better systems costing far more, but you really can expect to get what you pay for. Some of the systems come with a remote monitoring option as well as back up battery supplies. These systems, though pricey, are much more difficult to disable for the common trespasser and can alert the home owner as well as local law enforcement of a breech in security.


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