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Driveway Alarm Purchasing Advice For Canadians

Updated on June 18, 2013

People living in Canada experience more difficulties purchasing outdoor home security than their southern neighbors. One instance where this is particularly true is in the purchase and use of driveway alarm systems. Canadians have more obstacles in acquiring these products as there is often not a lot of selection and the cost of the product itself and the shipping is much higher. Also, many of the several types of driveway alarm systems to choose from are not suited to freezing conditions and heavy and frequent snowfall which all Canadians have to deal with. With the right information, however, this experience can be a positive one.

Canadians have difficulty buying driveway alarms because as most products tend to be more difficult to buy in Canada. They are not often sold in bricks-and-mortar stores and online shopping in Canada is not as developed as it is in the US. There are small Canadian specialty retailers that provide these products online. By shopping online you have the convenience of shopping from home and having your product shipped right to your door. Some of these companies also provide customer service to help you decide on a product that works best for you and even technical support for when you get the product home and have questions for when you install it. This support is often provided over the phone and, increasingly, through email. Email is an advantage because through it you can have customized instructions and information without the worry of forgetting specifics, which is easy to do in a technical conversation. Many people are wary of shopping online for the high cost of shipping and importing. By buying from a Canadian company that has a warehouse in Canada you will eliminate any cross-border hassles and fees. Also, shipping from within Canada is more reliable and cost effective. There are several Canadian companies that provide all of these benefits and have a great selection. By keeping this in mind while shopping, you are sure to have a more enjoyable shopping experience.

When buying a driveway alarm for use in Canada there are more things that need to be considered. Driveway alarm systems differ both in power sourcing, and sensor technologies used. There are three types of power sources for driveway alarms: solar power and battery, exclusively battery, or hard wired. Systems which rely on solar power are not well suited to snowfall as the solar panels can become covered in snow and cannot capture enough power to sustain them, forcing the sensors to rely on battery power. Battery powered alarms are at a disadvantage because batteries wear out faster during cold conditions than in warm conditions. The best type of power system for your driveway alarm in these conditions is to have it hardwired directly into your house. This prevents the power to your alarm from being disrupted by elements above ground, especially if you bury the cabling above the frost line in conduit.

There are four different sensor types to check out when considering a purchase of a driveway alarm system: rubber hose, infrared, photoelectric beam, and magnetic probe. Rubber hose sensors are frequently damaged by snow removal as they lay across your driveway and the rubber is also degraded by freezing and thawing. The lens of the Infrared sensors can get covered with snow and there is increased risk of false alarms. Photoelectric beams as having the sensor above ground makes them susceptible to being buried under snow and exposes them to potential damage from snow removal. The magnetic probe sensor type is the only driveway alarm system that can be completely buried underground making the best option for those living through Canadian winters.

Living with extreme winter conditions in such a large country causes a great number of limitations in many facets of life. Home security is one of them. Luckily, there are options available that make the best out of this difficult situation. In the case of driveway alarms, this option is hardwired magnetic probe driveway alarm purchased from a Canadian company located in Canada. These systems will stand up to hard Canadian winters and are a great purchase for your family, property, and country.

Amy is a proud Canadian and an online marketer for Absolute Automation which is an online distributor, based out of Canada, of DIY alarm and automation systems for homes, businesses and commercial operations. The online store for Absolute Automation offers each of driveway alarms mentioned in this article, and tech support to help you with your decision and installation. Click here for their products and contact information.


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