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Driveway Patrol Sensor and Receiver Kit

Updated on January 19, 2012

Having a new home is a thrilling experience, but I am honestly not use to having a driveway. I love the fact I can come home and this little piece of land where I park my car is magnificent. It helps me feel proud that I have finally realized my dream. But, when I am home I am constantly checking the driveway to see if someone has pulled in.

First, I like to know who is in my driveway for whatever reason. Second, I have little one that have started playing in front of the garage so if someone pulls in it is polite to know they are there. But, I’m getting awful tired of being spooked and thinking someone is in the driveway. So, I decided to see if there was anything on the market that could put my mind at ease. When I was searching for such a product, I came across the Driveway Patrol Sensor and Receiver Kit.

The Driveway Patrol Sensor and Receiver Kit have allowed me to put my mind at ease. I am immediately alerted to their presence, and I can decide what action to take depending if they are wanted or not. It is a terrific device that is motion sensitive. It is entirely wireless, so when it senses someone entering your driveway in a car or on foot it will send a signal to the receiving box you have indoors.

The impressive thing is that no one even knows it is there. The detecting box securely and discreetly attaches nicely to the side of my mail box. But, you can hang it anywhere you like on the garage or on a post if it is needed. The Driveway Patrol Sensor and Receiver Kit comes in a totally weather proof enclosure. It requires 3 “C” batteries to operate. You can adjust the chime to your sensitivity wither high or low. So, having this Driveway Patrol Sensor and Receiver Kit has been great and it has continued to work for the last couple of months. It has accurately let me know when a delivery is here, or if someone was in my dive way. So, if you want a little better home security to alert you when someone is there then get the Driveway Patrol Sensor and Receiver Kit


1. Can mount anywhere

2. Completely weather proof

3. 400 Foot wireless range

4. Alerts with a variety of chimes to someone in your driveway

5. Full 1 year manufactures warranty


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