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How To Be Rid Of The Clutter!

Updated on September 1, 2011


Dust Collectors Help!

Okay! So you've had it! You are sick of the dust collectors. You decide "tha'ts it!!" I am getting rid of you. So you decide to make a day of it and get rid of all those old nicknacks and keepsakes which are taking over your house.

Is there a problem? YES, there is a BIG problem. You just can't bring yourself to do it even though your family is threatening to put you on that show, Hoarders. Here's what most likely happens. You go to the bookcase first. On the 3rd shelf is the figurine collection your Grandma started for you when you were a little girl. It started out as just this one sparkly crystal kitty cat you just adored and became an annual birthday item you received. You now have not only every kitty cat which ever did gleam but fairies, turtles, little girls holding hands, butterflies, you name it - you have it!! What to do? When did you even start liking turtles you think to yourself? As you reach for the shelf to toss the sparkles away you experience that wave of guilt. That conscience, "what would Grandma think, God rest her soul" or "I wonder if she is watching me." In the end you dust them off and place them back on the shelf.

Vintage Hat Boxes Make Great Organizing Containers

Knick Knack Madness!

Now, let's discuss the refridgerator. I bet it's not just covered in photos but probably every little glued on, taped together, home made, doodled on item your child ever made isn't it? That clothespin magnet with eyeballs which looks like a scary bug they made in kindergarten. That ballerina pin she wore to her first recital. How about those popscicle stick photo frames? And you don't even have room for your grocery list or emergency numbers do you? No, of course not. Forget about opening the fridge without a number of items falling off. But you carefully and reverently magnetise them back on don't you? You repetitiously double the manget up on three different items and pray it is strong enough to keep holding up all those corners. It's the collage of a century. So, you go to take them all down. To see the white of your refridgerator once again with happy, organized visions of neat grocery lists but alas; even this you are unable to do. Those sweet little memories are your daily reminder that you are a mommy or daddy, grandma or grandpa and those children love you. They remind you of time passing and the joys of the moment. So you re-do a few magnets and perhaps add that new one you got at the bank to hold a few more momentos. What can you do really?

My suggestion to you. Find special containers...perhaps cool vintage hat boxes or special antique chests to fill with these things. In finding something special to put them in you are not actually getting "rid" of them but finding a more suitible spot for them to be kept. They are called "keepsakes" not decor after all. It's okay to put them away to take out later and show your grandchildren or pass along to your children. It will be okay if they are not visible to the whole world. I promise you will still be seen as loved even if your little gifts are not exploited all over your walls, shelves and appliances. I also promise Grandma will be looking down proud as you defragment your home and open the place up for new memories. If it's not special and you haven't used it in 10 years, I think it is safe to say you can throw it out, donate it or what have you. I know it's hard to get rid of the jeans you wore in high school or the moth eaten sweaters you think you may wear one winter but just take a deep breath....and let it go!

My final advice; don't buy those things for your grandchildren. Honestly, just try and remember how much you really didn't need sparkly turtles.


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