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Dyson DC25 ALL Floors / DC25 BALL HEPA Vacuum Cleaner and Extension Hose

Updated on October 16, 2010

Dyson is a large collection bin with a great suction, and is greater than the an old vacuum which will emit smoke during use once the life span is almost gone but with the Dyson floors this will be a thing of the past, before buying your vacuum cleaner you can do an internet search to ensure that you have the right floor cleaner , it’s beauty is that handling of the Dyson Ball is very smooth and remarkably easy. Once you've released the locking mechanism that keeps it upright, the vacuum becomes very flexible.

With this vacuum floor cleaner there is no more pushing and shoving the vacuum around the room or furniture. And when operating the Dynson vacuum cleaner with a simple turn of the wrist the Dyson goes exactly where you want it to go,it has got incredible features including a wonderful suction

One of the features of this vacuum cleaner is that it is powerful and maneuvers all the corners of the floors with some little practice, the Dyson DC25 vacuum cleaner is not as heavy as the old machine and this gives it the ability to move freely and work effectively, and with less effort you will be able to clean your floor without wasting time and energy

Dyson DC25 ALL Floors

The Dyson DC25 is not only good at picking up small pieces of dust and dirt, but the filters are washable which makes it cheaper than some other types of cleaners, this the best feature so far for the Dyson DC25, it comes with a 5 year guarantee which is not bad for household equipment, but the replacement


·         Some feel that the machine is heavy

·         Not that easy to follow instructions if you are using the Dyson for the first time

·         Many feels that the dust container on this Dyson is a bit smaller than old model,

·         Emptying of the dust container more often.

·         Some feel that it is a bit too light and moves around a lot.

·         One of the drawback  is using the extension hose to clean furniture,  which makes curtains or to get behind things

You can buying the Dyson from any online vendor that have got a great deal and offers the best model in the market, or go directly to Amazon and get your vacuum cleaner at affordable cost


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    • profile image

      Jack Mcneill 6 years ago

      Really should have an extension hose to attatch to wand.

    • profile image

      buy dc25 animal 7 years ago

      I bought it based on the numerous positive review from customers who has one, and because of the great warranty that comes with it. I also like DC25 design