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Easy Home 14v Cordless vacuum cleaner

Updated on September 14, 2013

VC 618WP


The Easy Home VC 618WP vac.

Part of Aldi's 'cleaning' range, the Easy Home VC-618WP cordless vacuum is exactly what it states on the box, a cordless wet/dry vacuum cleaner. It looks (and feels) a bit like a souped-up 'Dustbuster' (if you can remember them).

It's main features include a large 14v battery pack (which I suspect it also shares with the 14v cordless drill sold under the 'Workzone' range), LED lights (to see when hoovering in the dark and 4-position tilt.

Tools included are a brush tool, crevice tool (which all the other tools fit onto) and what is described as a 'general purpose tool'. This has a curved end and is designed to suck up the dust as you drill holes. Not sure how well this would work in reality though.

Does it work ?. Well, I charged it up & used it to hoover the car & then clean the filters in my dehumidifier and it sucked up the dust really well. The only problem I found was with the way the brush tool fitted on the end of the crevice tool (the crevice tool is the only one long-enough to fit in the vacuums tool slot). The brush tool came off all to easily. Also, when accounting for the total length, it made it hard to clean some tight areas.

Are the lights any good ?. To be honest, I hoovered during the day and didn't notice any helpful illumination from the lights at all. I think they are just a gimmick.

One thing that could come in useful is the ability to tilt the head right over to 90 deg. This would make it easy to hoover the tops of cupboards.

The battery lasts 18 minutes from a full charge (unlike a Dyson, which lasts around 8 minutes) and whilst it is no 'Dyson' it certainly does the job of cleaning well-enough to be a good edition to the workshop.


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