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Easy way to trap a mouse.

Updated on October 19, 2015
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I like to work on the garden. I have a few tips on how to grow papaya's trees and pineapple. Also, how to trap mouses without making a mess.

Bag Of Traps.

First Step.

You need to go to a store where they sell mouse traps. You need to buy many if you need them. Walgreen or Home Depo have them or any hardware store. The next thing you need to do. Open the bag and get all the mouse traps out of the bag. Once, they are out of the bag. You need to set them.

How To Make The Mouse Trap Ready To Catch Them.

Carefully follow the instructions on the bag's mouse trap original package. When you open the small wood square hold it from the edges. Do not get scared if the wood flights out of your hands while you are making the metal secure with the plastic cheese or any other part that goes with the metal.

How To Set The Traps.

Working Environment.

You will need a place that it has enough light to work on the traps. Traps are sensitive to the gentle touch. You will need a great concentration. A strong counter or a strong firm table will not allow to miss your mission. You do not need gloves to work on the traps. You need to have dry hand without lotion.

Mouse Trap Ready To Use.

Where And How To Place The Trap.

With a gentle motion, lift the trap from the counter top or table. Then, you need to move the trap holding it in your hands to the corner or place where you want to trap the mouse. Remember, if you have pets or small children. You need to hide it with things around the ready trap. Living a small trail to the mouse is important. Never hold the mouse trap from where the cheese goes.

This is a mouse .

The Mouse Trap Is Ready.

In the morning, you need to see if you have a mouse in the trap. You need to have gloves and a plastic bag ready to pick him and take it to the trash. If he is a life. You need to take him out and let him go in the trash. You do not want the little animal suffering in the trap. It is a dirty job. but someone has to do it. Otherwise, you will have an infestation of animals.

Other Alternatives.

Do you know that you can call an specialist to terminate the rats problem.?

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