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Echo gas edger

Updated on December 15, 2010

What does it have to offer?


After hearing about what people had to say about the Echo gas edger, I decided to look into what the Echo gas edger had to offer. If you have a lawn that is large and will need a trimming on occasion, the trimmer would be the perfect option for you to choose from of all the garden power tools available. If you are interested in the Echo gas edger, the edger is the perfect choice for individuals who are interested in garden tools and who are on a budget.

One option...


The one options of Echo gas edgers available on the market is the Echo GT-200R which is going to retail for under 150 dollars which is very important for those individuals who do not have a large amount of money to spend on a tool that will be used in their garden. The Echo gas edger is going to be operated on gas where as the electric edger is going to require cords which can cause you to trip and injure yourself.

Good points on the Echo gas edger..


The Echo gas edger is going to be durable and will be able to be used in a number of circumstances. Since the Echo gas edger is lightweight, it helps to reduce the fatigue that is felt from having to carry a heavy garden tool all around your yard. There are numerous other brands available on the market however many of these are more expensive than others. The Stihl and Echo are very close in comparision for trimmers however many people will not be as satisfied with their Stihl trimmer than they are with their Echo trimmer instead. There are a number of landscapers who will choose to use the Echo gas edger instead of other models and makes as well which says a lot about the brand Echo.

Info on the edgers


When you purchase the Echo gas edger, you will get your edger fully assembled which helps when you are not savy assembling items as well as the manual that you will use to learn how to operate the machine or garden tool. The safety manual will tell you what you should do when using the garden tool while the operation manual simply tells you how to use the Echo gas edgers. Most stores who sell the Echo gas edgers will carry the models that come with the oil needed for the 2 stroke engine. The bottle of oil will be good for one gallon of gas. Most of the models will also come with safety glasses to be used when you are operating the Echo gas edger so that if you happen to hit a rock, the rock will not cause damage to your eyes from flying objects.



While you are purchasing your Echo edger, you will want to pick up a pair of gloves and a spare gas can to mix your oil and gas for your 2 stroke engine. If this is going to be your first trimmer, you will want to make sure that you become familiar with the trimmer before tackling to hard of a job in your yard or garden. There will be an easy ignition switch which will be used to prime the trimmer and to adjust the choke setting on the trimmer. This reduces the effort needed to pull a string on the trimmer.


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