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Egg rings at Walmart

Updated on June 25, 2014

Where are they?

I was recently searching online for the best price on an egg ring set to replace my old one that had recently broken. One of my favorite breakfast foods is a nice, easy to eat egg sandwich in the morning as I am running out the door, so this is a very important purchase. I searched for "egg ring" in google and read several recommendations for Walmart as a good place to shop. However, when I went to and searched egg ring I got no good results. This was a bit troubling and so I visited my local Walmart to see if they even carried egg rings in stock. I was annoyed to find out that they do not and I did not like the thought of visiting a specialty store and paying three times as much for the same product.

So, I did some research at other mass mechandising store websites and found that Target was actually the best place to shop for egg rings. They have a nice little set for only ~$10 and it seems durable enough to survive use on a daily basis. Upon visiting target I was actually able to find a single egg ring as well for only ~$3 which is nice if you are going to use it with less frequency.

So why do other sites say to buy your egg rings at Walmart? Well I suppose it could just be false information placed on a website by an ignorant author. Although I would guess that because I found several websites that gave this advice that there may be some Walmart stores that carry egg rings. It is not impossible for stores to have products in stock that are not represented on the website, especially if they are relatively small, cheap products. I certainly do not mean to discount the content of other sites and you could always email your local Walmart to check and see if they carry any given product.

Some Helpful Advice

 I personally like to shop at actual stores and not online just looking at pictures. However, in this case there is a good argument for buying an egg ring online. I have found that egg rings are a fairly uncommon kitchen appliance and even if stores do carry them, they are not always very easy to find. As I said before, is not going to be a useful option for you, but there are a lot of little niche sites that sell them for pretty cheap. I would recommend getting a set of around 3 because it gives you a great price per egg ring and allows for the inevitable loss or breaking of one of them.

Be careful when you are shopping online because what you get in the mail may not always be as nice as it looks on the screen. Make sure to verify that the website you are on is a legit business and not a scam. I really like shopping on Ebay because they take great measures to ensure you do not get scammed.


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      hameidinger 6 years ago

      Wow, thanks for the advice.