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Best Electric Fish Fillet Knife

Updated on April 4, 2012

There are traditional knives and there are super knives. Any serious cook should not be without a electric fillet knife for cutting fish, ham or any type of meat or vegetable product. As any cook knows without a specific knife some things are impossible to cut. In the days of butcher knives it has always been a problem and time consuming when trying to clean any type of chicken or fish product. Most people know when cleaning these types of products you need to use a jigsaw type of blade to cut through the fish all the while worrying if you removed all the bones and saved the best parts of the fish. With these electric fillet knives cleaning fish has become a lot easier.

The electric fillet knife will assist you in the cooking and cutting of meat products like never before. It will provide you minimum effort and help you maximize the meat you are able to retrieve off the fish without bones. It is a precision instrument that allows you the navigation of even the smallest of pieces while cutting. Using a manual knife the smaller pieces are always the hardest and you end up losing half of your product because of bone fragments and not cleaning it all the way. But this fillet knife is every cooks dream and it will become a delight instead of a burden hen cutting and cleaning fish and poultry. It comes with a powerful motor and flexible blade that can bend up to almost 90 degrees and allow you to navigate any cutting job with ease.

Fillet knives come in many different brands and sizes. The fillet knives range in anywhere from six to nine inches in length with a very flexible blade. The flexible blade allows the easy cutting of the flesh off the fish to allow you to properly clean it. So it is time to set aside all your old knives and come in a head of the competition not only does it s precision get all the mea it will also save you money on those parts of the fish you were throwing away.


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  • profile image

    KETENI PRINCE 6 years ago

    I want an electric fish for my BIRTHDAY.

  • profile image

    Brenda Durham 7 years ago

    Good stuff!

    I love to fish (I even put the worm on the hook! ha) but can't seem to bring myself to fillet the fish.

    However, my hubby and sons can, and this information is very useful. I'm glad to know the electric fillet knives work well. It gives me a great idea for my oldest son's (who fishes the most) next birthday or Christmas present!