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Electric Whisks - Hand Whisk Mixers and Stick Blenders

Updated on March 31, 2013

When talking about electric whisks, people are typically refering to either handheld blenders or electric hand mixers which invariably come with both mixing and whisking attachments. Electric whisks are used for a variety of purposes in the modern kitchen. They are used as electric egg beaters, for cake mixes, beating cream and whisking egg whites for meringue and much more. In my house, my electric hand mixer is used primarily for whisking Yorkshire pudding batter to force air into the mixture. Electric handheld whisks and food mixers are very versatile and an important part of the kitchen for anyone who enjoys baking and cooking at home.

When buying an electric whisk you need to choose between the two main types out there. You will either find handheld stick blenders which often come with a variety of attachments for mixing, blending and whisking, or the slightly larger electric hand mixers wth variable speed mixing heads. Personally, I prefer the latter as I use it more for the kind of cooking I do but each has their advantages and differing uses in the kitchen.

What is the difference between a hand blender and a hand mixer? Handheld blenders are used for chopping and pureeing primarily, allowing your to prepare such things as soups, purees, mayonnaise etc. but some come with chopping attachments for chopping nuts and grains. These are also often called immersion blenders as the chopping and whisking head can be immersed into the food being worked on.

Both will do things like beating eggs, whisking cream, egg whites, pudding and the like and their uses cross over in other area too. However, the electric hand mixer is more suited for heavy duty mixing and blending tasks like preparing dough for baking. A hand mixer comes with two beater heads which spin at a variable pace controlled by the user. These are more suited for heavy duty dough mixing and mix in air better in general. Ultimately, both tools are useful to have around the kitchen as one does things better than the other and vice versa.

Hand Mixer Attachments

Electric Whisk attachments allow you to turn your simple hand whisk into a much more versatile piece of equipment. Most electric hand whisk machine comes with a basic pair of mixing beater heads and often a pair of whisk attachments. Additional attachments include dough hooks, whisk heads and liquid blender tool. You will have to ensure what you buy matches the brand and model of either your current mixer or the one you are intending to buy to ensure they actually fit into the machine.

Get A Complete Set - Buy The KitchenAid Mixer, Liquid Blender, Dough Hooks and Whisk

Handheld Electric Blenders

Otherwise known as immersion blenders these are primarily used for chopping and pureeing food. There are both corded and cordless hand blenders you can buy with the latter being battery powered or rechargeable. Top manufacturers for home use include all the usual suspects like Cuisinart, Kitchenaid etc.

Used and Second Hand Electric Mixers, Blenders and Whisks

You can find gently used, open box and brand new electric whisk and hand blenders online at auction sites like eBay. Buying a used whisk might be a cost effective alternative to buying one new but you do have to think about cleaning and sanitizing your purchase, after all, this has been used to prepare food in the past an will be again. You'll not only find used electric blenders and second hand electric whisks at eBay though as there are many sellers offering brand new kitchen blenders and electric handheld whisks at discount prices. For an affordable electric whisk or cheap handheld blender eBay is a good place to start your search.


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