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Electric Gates Guide

Updated on June 4, 2013

Just imagine. It’s a rainy night, one of those evenings when it’s coming down in buckets, huge sheets of rain from the sky. And it’s cold too, there are flecks of ice mixed in with the rain. It’s been a long day, you’ve had more meetings and answered more emails than you’d ever care to again. You’re tired, you’re feeling sore, all you want is to go home and have some dinner and a beer or glass of wine. You arrive at your driveway and instead of getting out of the car to open your driveway gate, getting sopping wet in the process, you simply push your remote control and the gate opens for you. Ah, that’s nice isn’t it? The small comforts in life?

Installing an electric gate in your drive can be a real hassle saver. It’s also a wise thing to do. An electric gate keeps you are your family safe in an unpredictable world. And what’s more important than your family’s safety?

Electric Gates come in many styles.
Electric Gates come in many styles.

Installing an Electric Gate

There are a number of ways you can go about installing an electric gate for your home driveway. You can buy a gate made at the factory and install it yourself or have it installed by a local contracting company. These gate kits are convenient in that they come with everything you need to set up your electric gate. This can also be a relatively inexpensive way to purchase an electric gate.

The other option is to have an electric gate custom made for you, either by a local gate maker or by a gate company in another part of the country that will make the gate to your specifications and then ship it to you. Of course, this is usually going to be a bit pricier than the first option, but you are then guaranteed to get the gate you want and need. If there is a particular style of gate you want or you simply want your gate to stand out in the neighborhood, a custom made electric gate can lend charm and stature to your home.

Electric Gate Styles and Types

Both pre-manufactured and custom made electric gates come in a variety of styles and types to suit your particular needs. For those of you who might live in a beautiful natural setting, among trees or up in the hills, a wooden gate fitted with an electric opening mechanism can be an excellent architectural addition to your home. On the other hand, a wrought iron electric gate might better suit you if you live in a more urban area or your house is more in the style of an English cottage or manor house. Gates are available in steel or aluminum as well, which can be very distinctive and add great value to your home while offering you security and peace of mind.

There are two basic types of electric gate depending on how the gate opens. The first type of electric gate is the sliding type. As the name implies, these gates slide open when activated to let you and your vehicle pass through. This type of gate is perhaps the more modern type in style and is often used with gates fashioned from steel or aluminum in a contemporary style. The other type is the swinging electric gate. A swinging gate, in which the gate swings wide for passage, adds an element of distinct stateliness to your home and drive. There is something graceful in a gate that arcs outward to let visitors in to your home. One can only imagine a drive ranged in stately trees accented by a swinging electric gate of wrought iron. Naturally, both swinging and sliding gate types can accommodate any type of building material.

Accessories for Your Electric Gate

When buying and installing an electric gate, equally important to consider are the accessories you will purchase to help the gate run. First of all, you will need to buy the motor that will power the gate. The two types of electric gate, sliding and swinging, require different kinds of motor. Also, the motor must be properly powered for the kind of gate you have and the amount of work it will do. A gate that is heavier or that will be opened and closed often will need a more highly powered motor than a lighter, less well-used gate.

There are also different kinds of triggering mechanisms for opening electric gates. These include hand held remote controls and gates that are triggered by means of your cell phone. Gates installed with cameras can also be triggered to open from inside the house once the visitor is identified. Vehicle detectors, motion sensors, alarms, cameras, and lock boxes can also be added to your electric gate for additional security and functionality.

There are many choices to be made in deciding on an electric gate. Ask your local gate company or contractor about your options. Electric gates are an important feature that will both protect your home and add immense value to your property.


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