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Electricals I could never possibly live without. Nor would I want to.

Updated on April 24, 2011

I love my essentials


My favourite electrical items I would never want to live with out.

Electricals I could not live with out.

1. My Beko 8 kg washer.

Not the most expensive washer on the market. But with an 8 kg drum it holds a lot more than the average 5kg or 6 kg wash loads. With 4 children that is amazingly helpful. I can put nearly all of one type of washload in. Such as all the darks or all the light colour in. With a smaller washer I would have to do two loads as not to over load the machine.

It has a digital front with very easy to use programs. You can alter the spin setting, temperature and whether you want a pre wash or quick wash on all cycles. It also has an invaluable hand wash cycle , which I use for my dry clean only curtains. It does them fine and saves me a fortune in dry cleaning bills.

Even though the drum is larger than average, the machine it self is typical size. This washing machine fits in the same tight space as my smaller 6 kg load washer did.

We live in an extremely hard water area as well. So any washer that can out do more than a year of daily washing is fantastic. It also does not clog like some when using liquid washing gel.

It has a digital screen also that tells me the temperature, the spin setting and the length of time the washing cycle has left. A lot of gadget for your money. I went without a washer for 5 days whilst waiting for this to arrive and I tookk 7 black bin liners of washing to my mothers house. It is not until it breaks you realise how much you use it.

2. My White Knight dryer.

This dryer was less than £100. I am forever hearing of how other peoples dryer die after a year or maybe two. How they will only buy really expensive ones because they do not last. This dryer is five years old now and still going strong. As mentioned we are a large family and it has certainly earnt its place in my home. There are times when my children have told me in an evening that they need a pair of trouseers or some thing. I have to wash and dry the clothes that evening. I could not do it with out my dryer.

3. My Packard Bell computer

I know how dare I put my beloved computer all the way down at number three. But it is still extremely important to me. This is where I save time on my chores, from shopping, banking to checking when the children have a day off school or a non uniform day. It is also my outlet to life beyond this pathetic little village. And a chance to earn money. I can dream!

4. My Binatone house phone.

It is one of those portable telephones. Apart from the annoyance of the children being able to put it places and me have to search for half an hour. It means I can contact people. That combined with the fact my phone line brings me my internet access is heaven. It means I can keep in touch with friends and family but I don't have to visit them for hours on end. Because of this I have more time to surf the internet and also earn an income. Pennies at the moment. But I have wanted to write since I was a child so it beats day time television or baby playgroups full of women talking about who's baby ate the most organic meal that day and which is the best new mummy.

5. My alarm clock.

I really am not a morning person. With out this I would never be able to wake up for anything on time. My natural body clock gets me up about 10 am . I need to be up by 6.15 am. Thank you dear alarm clock. A very useful electrical item.

I would love to hear what you can not live with out from the electrical world. Is it similar to mine or completely different?

I know my choice is unusual for a young mum as I have not even bothered to want or need my GHD hair straighteners or my hairdryer. To be honest I never have time for them.


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  • Darknlovely3436 profile image

    Annie 6 years ago from NewYork

    The washing machine, i think if I had to go back to handwashing all these clothes.. by HAND of the best invention every made.

    great hub

  • Ddraigcoch profile image

    Emma 6 years ago from UK

    Never Fay. I could well live with out a television x

  • profile image

    Fay Paxton 6 years ago

    I guess I really appreciate having a washer and dryer too. Though I have to admit, I don't like those front-loading things. As for telephones...I wish mine would stop ringing so much. I'm glad you didn't have a stupid television on your list.:)

    voted up/useful