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Elegant Floor Lamps - A Buying Guide

Updated on February 4, 2016

Floor lamps are versatile light fixtures that offer portable lighting solutions. They come in a range of styles and models, and can be moved around depending on your lighting requirements. Designed to provide focused illumination, they can also be used to create an ambience in any room. There are many pointers that you should keep in mind while choosing them for your home.


The first point you should consider while purchasing a floor lamp is its purpose. Do you want to create ambient or focused lighting? Console or Torchiere lights are good options you can go for. If you are going to use this fixture to illuminate your reading table or work desk, then ensure that they produce 100 to 150 watts of brightness. Do you want to place it near the sofa to provide soft illumination while watching television or reading a book? Then go for ones that have a dimmer switch along with the on and off switch. Also ensure that the bottom of the shade is near your eye or ear, so that the illumination falls over your shoulder on the book. If the main goal of getting a lamp is for decorative purposes, then set your imagination free – go for cute and pretty ones that are sure to grab all attention.


The next important point you have to keep in mind is where you would like to place the lamp. Are you going to keep in a high-traffic area, in corners, or on top of a table? While choosing lights for high-traffic areas ensure that the shade is not very large or people could bump into it pretty often. Also make sure that the base is stable and doesn’t have many wires that passersby could trip on. While selecting fixtures for corners, go for shade shapes that fit into the space there.


There are numerous styles and models of lamps available in the market that you can choose from depending on your preferences, purpose, and home interiors. The console lamp is a traditional design and has a single pole set on a round base. It has a cloth shade or glass globe on the top. Another popular style is the Arc Floor Lamp that features a curving pole set on a base. It’s perfect for placing near reading tables and couches. The Tree floor lamp is another popular contemporary style that has three or more lights branching off from the central pole. The branches can be turned around and adjusted to suit the lighting requirement.


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