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I Enjoy Drinking Coffee

Updated on February 25, 2014


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ohhh... the smell of fresh grind coffee, I love that!
ohhh... the smell of fresh grind coffee, I love that!
ohhh... the smell of fresh grind coffee, I love that!

How did I get into drinking coffee!?

I don't recall when I picked up drinking coffee; it was always a habit of my father and it seems like I was always drinking it, - that's not even important!

Aaaahhhhhhh! That smell, the thought of waking up and having that warm cup of coffee is fascinating!

Coffee, in my youth, coffee for us was always Turkish style! For those that are not familiar with coffee and all kinds you can have or the variety that are served in this world, there is quite a list - not that I know them all.

So, we had to grinde the coffee,- I'm more then sure that was manually, - then bring water to a boil and drop a teaspoon of coffee into the boiling water. For best results we were covering the small pot with a little plate, - just for a few minutes.

Then in most public places, coffee was prepared in the same fashion. To get a little more sophisticated we were serving it with a top of whip creme.

Coffee, the way I drink it, it was always strong and black!

Moving on

At one point in life I moved to Austria and coffee was somewhat different, the way is was prepared and the way you drink it, I mean, don't take me wrong, - you drink it the same way only in different fashion, different hours, etc...

I loved espresso, cappuccino and any other form coffee will come in.

I love coffee, black but always a little wipp creme will do.

We enjoyed the downtown streets always full with the side street cafes where people enjoy the breeze and having a coffee with friends.

Then is the afternoon coffee; 3 o'clock comes around and that is the coffee and cake time.

What times those were!

moving again?

This time I moved to the United States! Well, New York City life, totally different!...

But, when it came to coffee,...hmmm...what's that? Filtered coffee, big size cups coffee?

It's that tee or coffee, unsure of what I drink or what I want to drink, - I had to ask myself that a few times. Quite tasteless and just filling you up, soon there after you started looking for a restroom,...quite often, that was most likely the effect of having street vendor coffee in town.

Then, there were the cafes, not us many as today...this was in the 90's.

Moving up

Then finally one day, when I had the option to build my house I decided to get a professional coffee maker - that build in kind that will spoil me rotten, get the wright stuff whenever I wanted.

That was like having my own coffee shop in the kitchen I so much adored. Great stuff, I made it the way I wanted, served with a drop of Irish creme or other choices of liquor.

That was the time in my life I would say, I am having the coffee of my preference, and nothing will change that.

After all, not too long after we had moved in the house, we found ourselves buying a business, and the coffee matter came up again on the radar.

It wasn't hard to choose; professional coffee maker was the number one on our list; and that again will give me the option to continue my habit and play with the choices of coffee cups, in china of course, my coffee taste wright in a porcelain cup only.

I prefer to believe that drinking coffee is a healthy habit and even if that is not the truth; before I will change anything about it, it will be a long time.

coffee makers

The latest gift for my birhtday

Traveling and meeting family for a family reunion; there were some members from the extended family...We had a whole house for ourselves and had a wonderful time; I met a little more distant relative and she recently happened to visit in Italy; morning hours come and here she is working hard on making some espresso. Then I had to listen to her story; since she visited Italy past summer, she will not drink anything else but strong coffee, most likely a few espressos in the morning.

So, she thought a lot about it, and she bought me an espresso maker the kind you need to use on the funny.


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    • dipsmi profile image

      dipsmi 5 years ago from Plymouth, Minnisota

      going to have coffee now after reading your hub! :)