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Environmentally Friendly Office Supplies from Staples

Updated on May 25, 2011

Are you looking for a way to make your office a little more environmentally friendly? There are a lot of things you can do beyond reusing the back side of paper that would otherwise get thrown away, recycling used toner and ink jet cartridges and doing away with plastic water bottles and Styrofoam coffee cups.

Taking these steps is certainly an important part of reducing the carbon footprint of your work environment, but there are other things you can do as well. When purchasing new office supplies, shop with environmental awareness in mind. Make a point of seeking out green products that have been manufactured using environmentally friendly practices, recycled materials and renewable resources.

Four Environmentally Office Product Options from Staples

Fortunately, it’s getting a bit easier to find environmentally office supplies and equipment. Here are a few examples of what Staples has to offer in the way of items that can help you green your working environment.

Bamboo Flash Drive

Just about every professional has one or more flash drives. The next time you need one, don’t go for one enclosed in plastic. Instead, consider opting for a flash drive that is encased in 100 percent bamboo, which is a renewable resource. Note that the compact product packaging is free from PVC and contains significantly less plastic than standard packaging for similar items. Pricing is comparable to that of other flash drives. It is available in storage capacities ranging from 4 GB to 16 GB.


Evoterra Chair

Staples’ Evoterra office chair is designed to provide maximum comfort and support and uses recycled material in a unique way. The fabric used to cover the chair is made from 100 percent recycled bottles. What better way to ensure that some of the water and soda bottles that get used every day are recycled and put to good use? The chair is available in red and black and is in the same price range as other similar office chairs.

Sustainable Earth Notebook

Despite the best efforts to go paperless, most people keep a notebook or two on hand to jot down idea and to-do lists. Then next time you purchase a notebook, consider what it is made from and its impact on the environment before making a purchase decision. The Sustainable Earth notebook from staples takes “green” materials to a new level, as it is made from sugar cane waste. What better way to do your part to stop deforestation in the name of manufacturing paper than to switch to paper products made from sugar cane waste?

Sustainable Earth Calculator

Do you need a desktop calculator? The Sustainable Earth calculator from Staples allows you to make an environmentally conscious selection. If you’ve wondered what happens to the ink jets and toner cartridges that you drop off at Staples to be recycled, you can see some of the result when you look at this product. That’s because it’s made – in part – from those items.

Have a Positive Impact

These are just a few of the many items available on the modern office supply and equipment market that can help you make a difference one purchase at a time! Make it your goal to introduce environmentally friendly products into your own working environment as you need to make new purchases!


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  • Corrie Lamprecht profile image

    Corrie Lamprecht 6 years ago from Thailand

    Why throw the finally over-used paper away? Use that wonderfull mostly wasted commodity to make works of art; sell them to your fellow workers! Here is a nice example:

    (Unfortunatley in Thai, but you will get the idea??

  • chspublish profile image

    chspublish 6 years ago from Ireland

    Very encouraging hub to help those of us make a change for the better. Cheers.