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Espresso Machine - How to Buy a Home Espresso Machine

Updated on February 22, 2012

Home Espresso Machine

What is Espresso ?

Espresso coffee are made using coffee beans that have been roasted for a longer period of time than normal so that they release oils easily. The coffee beans are then ground to fine powder. Espresso maker forces hot water through the ground coffee and steamed with milk. Coffee oils are released and blended with the liquid giving it a strong flavor and thick consistency. The espresso then comes out with creamy froth on top created by the brewing process. The taste depends on what variety of coffee beans used and what kind of pressure used. It is a thick rich coffee with froth on top.

More and more people are choosing now to buy espresso makers for their home just to have a cup of espresso whenever they want. It saves some time and money.


There are two kinds of espresso machine, manual and electric. Manuals are little difficult to use. Electric ones are more easy to use, these may be automatic or semiautomatic.

  • Manual Machines. This is little complicated to use. A lever is used to apply pressure to the hot water and push it through the coffee ground.
  • Semi Automatic Machines. It has an automated pump and temperature systems. A switch is used to turn on and disengage the pump.
  • Automatic Machines. It is almost same as semi-automatic machines except the machine controls how much water to pass through the coffee.
  • Super Automatic Machines. Almost completely automatic Espresso machine. It grinds, tamps, and pumps espresso.
  • Stove top espresso maker. There are stove top espresso makers also which are much cheaper and easy to use. Just put it over the stove and make your espresso.

Some people prefer semi-automatic machines, because machine takes care of all the technical process, while still allowing some control over how much water to pass through the espresso. Automatic machines take care of everything, but they are little bit more expensive. Pump driven espresso machines are better.

There are so many different sizes and prices of espresso machines. It is really hard to choose. Before buying and espresso machine you need to consider the following:

  • At first, you decide how much is your budget for the espresso machine.
  • Next thing is how easy it is to handle and clean it.
  • How long does it take to make espresso.
  • How much space it is going to take on your counter top.

Many people buy espresso machines online and compare the features, and price before buying it. You also need to buy good coffee of your choice to get your perfect espresso. There are varieties of coffee of different flavors that you can choose to make your espresso.

Here are some good espresso machines:

  • DeLongHi EC155 Espresso Maker
  • Mr. Coffee ECM 160 4-cup steam espresso machine
  • Capresso 303.0 espresso and cappuccino machine
  • Briel Artemis Espresso Machine
  • Gaggia 102532 Espresso Machine

There are many more brands of espresso machines and varieties to choose from. It is very easy to choose from these depending on your budget.

Having a cup of espresso in the morning is very enjoyable and gives you the energy for the day. Having a espresso machine at home will give the joy of having a cup of fresh espresso at the comfort of your home whenever you want.


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