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Essential Kitchen Storage Solutions

Updated on February 4, 2016
Wall organizer
Wall organizer

You’ll have lots of things to store in the kitchen – from groceries and dry foods to veggies and cooked food. Storage doesn’t have to be boring. There are loads of fun and interesting ways in which you can store stuff in your kitchen.

Pot and Ladle Holder

If you’re urgently looking for a particular pot or ladle when you’re cooking, chances are that you will find it hidden deep inside. And you will probably make a mess while searching scattering all the pots, pans and ladles everywhere till you get the one you want. The simplest way to organize and store all these kitchen essentials is to hang them on a pot and ladle holder. This wall rack can be designed with hooks and loops to hold different types and sizes of cutlery. Plus, as everything is clearly visible, you will easily find what you want. Another option is to go for a peg board. It is simple to set up and inexpensive.

Open Shelf

An open shelf gives you a convenient storage solution. Keep it on the floor near the kitchen counter or place it on top of the counter, whatever works best for you. The open design gives you quick and easy access to all the items stored on the shelves.

Storage Basket

You can use bamboo baskets to store cutting boards and other small items. The baskets can be placed on top of the storage cabinet or atop a shelf. You can have coloured baskets, each for one type of kitchen item. So, you can quickly locate what you want.


Hunting for small things in the kitchen usually takes the most time. So, you need a place where you can keep all those miscellaneous items that you use in your kitchen. You can hang organisers on the walls and hang these items there. So, whenever you want something, reach out and grab it.

Soft Drink Can Wall Organizer

Get all those used soft drink cans, wrap them up in some colourful paper or fabric. Nail those cans to a wooden board and hang it on the wall. Now, you have a place where you can keep spoons, forks, knives and other such cutlery. One can for one type of cutlery – it looks neat and you’re beautifully organized.


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