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The Eureka Boss Vacuum: Take Charge Of Your Dirty House!

Updated on December 5, 2009

The Eureka Boss Is The Boss!

Having purchased many vacuums for my beloved over the past seven years, I finally arrived at the one that does the job and does it right! Now, before I go raving on about this vacuum I want to be fair and say that we had another vacuum that performed admirably, and would have been our final vacuum had it not possessed a fatal flaw ...

Our Hoover Windtunnel was a phenomenal vacuum, capable of cleaning the carpet very quickly and keeping it that way ... until it started chewing up belts. From there it all went downhill as the mighty Hoover developed an endless appetite, devouring one belt after another. Something had to be done, lest I lose my insanity constantly replacing the darned things!

And off to the internet we went, in search of the perfect vacuum ...

The Quest For The Perfect Vacuum

The perfect vacuum might be different for everyone. For my fiancee, the perfect vacumm does the following:

  • cleans extremely well
  • doesn't make too much noise
  • isn't overly heavy
  • has some nifty features
  • never breaks down

Being as I am a mam, my list for the perfect vacuum is somewhat similar

  • it must be reliable - I hate fixing the darned things
  • it needs to be quiet - I love my football!
  • it must be light enough that I don't have to carry it all over the house for her
  • it must make wifey happy
  • and it must be inexpensive, as I refuse to spend over $300 for a glorified dirt sucker

With these ideals in mind we scoured the internet for any vacuum we could find and poured through online reviews by actual owners, dismissing those models that were too problematic for our wants and desires.

Day by day we whittled down the list until only one model was left ... a Eureka The Boss Smartvac. Of course, we had been down this road before. This is the same process we used to find the Hoover we so loved at first sight ... but the constant belt replacement was never issued in any of the reviews we had read, so we were unprepared for that hardship.

And so, we went to the store and purchased our new vacuum then brought it home.

Our First Impression On The Boss Smartvac

Wifey liked it immediately. the new Eureka cleaned even better than our old Hoover (which is saying a ton for a vacuum) and it wasn't too loud. Of course, she immediately goaded me on to write an article about this great vacuum, but I held off, as I had been here before.

The Hoover was perfect until the warranty ran out - how convenient. As such, I waited for the warranty on the Eureka to run out before finally writing up a review, lest it tank like our old vacuum, and I am happy to see ... it's still a great vacuum!

Light On Features - Heavy On Quality

Those looking for a vacuum with a lot of features will be displeased with the Eureka Boss Smartvac, as it only has the basics.

Five floor settings let you adjust carpet height, while another adjuster lets you choose between bare floors, carpets, and brush control. It also comes with a five foot hose that allows you to use several common brush attachments, which include an upholstery brush with a roller.

Other than that, there is nothing else to share. So, what sets this average sounding vacuum apart from the others? Power and affordability!

I would place any vacuum in the $100-$200 price range against this vacuum and I'm certain the Eureka would outclean and outlast them all - I'm that much of a believer in this vacuum!

Is It Really As Good As You Say?

Yes, but If you're looking for a new vacuum do as we did ... check out the user reviews. Believe me when I tell you that people will go on and on about the last bad vacuum that they owned, and this allows you to find out the problems with each model before they become your problems.

I would start with the Eureka 'The Boss' Smartvac and use that as a ruler to measure other vacuums by. If you find a better one in the $100-$200 bracket, then buy it! You'd be a fool not too. However, I don't think you will, as Eureka sure scored a winner on this one.

Good luck with your search!


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