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Evictor Rodent Strobe Light Use and Cautions

Updated on January 13, 2012

Evictor Rodent Strobe Review Part 2

If you just jumped in from the search engines, this is part two of the eco-friendly, energy efficient and economical pest deterrent called The Evictor Rodent Strobe Light. This product is threatening yet absolutly harmless to pests or animals. Whether you call it a rodent deterrent or repellent, it does both. A quick review of what we covered, this is not a sonic repellent. The Strobe, contains no chemicals, nor odors, it is a high intensity light that is available in several different strengths. The strobe encourages an avoidance behavior in rodents and other animals.

Rodent Strobe Light:Read the Directions First!

The first thing you should notice when you open up your EVICTOR Rodent Strobe light is the warning. It cautions that persons with medical conditions aggravated by strobing lights should not be exposed to the unit. If you are one of those DIY'ers who skip the directions like my old man, please, please read the warning before plugging the unit in. While there are different kinds of strobe lights used for theatre, haunted houses and night clubs, the high intensity strobe light in the "The Evictor" Rodent Strobe is a bit stronger. There may be a medical risk to persons that are photo-sensitive or have seizures triggered by strobe lights. Please take caution, in fact every one should take caution since looking straight into any strong strobe light for a long period of time could injure your eyes or confuse you. In addition, the strobe circuits can be dangerous if not handled correctly.

Installation of Rodent Strobe

The strobe shines at 1,000,000 or 175,000 candle power, high voltage and high intensity,but doesn't have any worrisome heat discharge. When buying your "Evictor" strobe light be sure to check the areas covered by each strength.

Because of the possible risks mentioned above, wait at least five minutes after shutdown before changing the replacement strobe tube. The warning, with many exclamation points, recommends that you do not look directly at the strobe light, "your perceptopn could be adversaly affected" and to "leave the space immediately after installation."

No wonder rodents hate the "Evictor," once it is turned on, the area not only becomes unsuitable for humans but for rodents and birds too. Rodents will be doing the rodent strobe shuffle off your property; depending on the animal and the size of infestation it could take 24 to 72 hours for rodents to evacuate.

The unit, for indoor unoccupied use only, will need a 120 volt AC receptacle. Since the Evictor plugs straight into the socket there is no attached on or off switch mechanism. The manufacturer recommends installing it on a wall with switch housing, or have a switch plate installed. Other suggestions include a remote control switch; you may need to call a licensed electrician to install the plugs if they do not already exist. Make sure to read the manufacturers' manual when you get your unit, it has some tips and precautions to take before hanging it up and plug it in.

Evictor Rodent Strobe Reveiws

Don't take my word for proof, read The Evictor Rodent Strobe Reviews; they reveal happy and relieved homeowners who suffered with rodent control problems for decades. Evictor Strobe Light customers are amazed at how fast it gets rid of rodents at their homes.

But Does it Work for Mice?

The Evictor Strobe Light was not tested on mice, but studies I found show that the strobe light DOES affect mice as it does rats and other rodents. I'm not sure if it is intentional, but I found that other Evictor sellers on the web specifically include mice in their list of rodents that are intimidated by the Evictor, however, I did a lot of research regarding mice and the use of strobes and I discovered that the inventor states that he does not guarantee the strobe to deter mice because it has not been thoroughly tested yet with mice.

But, if you take the time to read the studies of how strobe lights affect mice then you might understand the concept that the strobe would produce the same results on mice as other rodents. Of all glowing customer reviews of The Evictor I found around the web, some did report that the strobe worked on mice.

Personally, I do know that The Evictor will work on mice, but in unison with electronic mouse traps, which are only set for one time period. A little speculation on my part, but maybe The Evictor manufacturer doesn't guarantee deterrence of mice is because mice are known to live in-between walls. There is no way for the strobe light to reach in those corridors.

Basically, they used The Evictor for a few days, following manufacturers directions of shutting it down and restarting it, allowing the scared rodents to leave. They sealed all entry ways and clean and sanitized the areas. With the Evictor on, they set electronic traps throughout their home to take care of the mice in the walls or elsewhere. After a few weeks of this, there was no more evidence of mice.

Three and a half years later, they are still rodent free and mouse free; the Evictor remains lit. Next time I speak with her, I'll find out how many times she has had to replace the strobe tube itself. Please understand, I am not an exterminator; my reviews come from personal use or knowledge someone I know personally, and are just that, personal, not official.

Prevent Hazards that Rodents Cause

Between the 60 rodent borne diseases, other pests that rodents bring into your home, fires caused by rodent chewed wires, constant chewing causing destruction to beams and other property, including breathing recirculated rodent debris caused rodents when they damage air and heating ducts; the illness and damage caused by rodents can run into thousands of dollars.

Cheaper than an insurance policy, the Evictor rodent strobe is well worth the cost compared to all the above, not to mention the cost of professional exterminators, electricians, carpenters and doctors. Those that have lived through the devastation of rodents, can tell you, anything to stop a rodent invasion is bargain.

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The Evictor Rodent Strobe Recap

Mentioned in the previous hub, The Evictor is energy efficient, portable, environmentally friendly, provides a safe and harmless clearance of rodents. The high intensity strobe light annoys rodents sensitive eyes and disrupts their living habits, causing a change in their living habits, avoiding your house altogether. You may do the latest dance under dance club strobe lights, but rodents will do the hustle and boogie right off your property after you install The Evictor Rodent Strobe Light.

Which rodent do you have trouble with?

Please leave us a comment about which rodent you are having trouble with and the steps you've taken so far. Did it permanently work?


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