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Choose From Ezviz’s C1C HD Resolution Indoor Wi-Fi Camera or The C6CN Internet PT Camera

Updated on March 28, 2020

Wireless Security At Home

When people started to be concerned about security for their home — this predating digital and wireless by decades — the most obvious solution that came to mind was to install a video camera. So black and white and moderately decent resolution was the norm and running cables between the camera and a monitor was also being done (i.e, hard wiring). This of course meant drilling holes and pulling cables from one place to another, but that was how things were done. And expensive — you bet! Later it because a thriving business for companies who would put the cameras into a home and then remotely monitor it for a monthly fee. And again this was followed by the cameras becoming more sophisticated and less costly, which meant more money for those who maintained and monitored it. It wasn’t until the advent of the Internet that things changed: first the cameras themselves became digital aligned and so able to employ a wireless approach (i.e., WiFi). This was followed by the homeowner (or apartment renter) becoming able to do the monitoring themselves. And this was followed by the cameras being able to alert their owners as to what they were seeing through smartphones and tablets.

So all the above has led us to self-contained home security cameras that rely on a single cost for purchasing and then guide their owner through a simple setup that is then followed by ongoing monitoring. So it’s not surprise that ezviz has made two video camera models available at previously unthinkable prices: the $24.95 C1C HD Resolution Indoor Wi-Fi Camera and the $39.95 C6CN Internet PT Camera.

A Simple But Efficient Home Security Camera

The C1C is an easy start, with its small frame that fits in one hand resembling that chair from the classic 60’s TV show “The Prisoner” — being a round globe sitting atop a pedestal. It’s a color camera (no surprise) and wireless using the 2.4Ghz radio band (again no surprise) — this is found in pretty much all Wi-Fi transmitters/routers, even those that are 5GHz include now a separate radio band for 2.4Ghz. [Fun fact — while 2.4GHz is “slower” than 5, it has a longer range and so works well in most environments]

Now setup is simple, because the base stand is magnetically alighted with the camera head. So you place it where you want, plug it in for power and perform a series of steps using the free iOS/Android app. A lot of this will sound familiar, because it is, and so let’s move on to what the camera can do once it is active. Stream video to the app through the Wi-Fi network, is one and perhaps the most obvious and expected. But viewing isn’t all that’s there — although adding in that it has night vision capabilities for low-light situations will be helpful (as an indoor camera, it’s not going to be encountering dusk to dawn). The camera’s resolution is 1080p or Full HD, so the images that are being streamed will be of good quality (although network issues are out of one’s control and can cause image degrading). It also has a built in microphone and speaker, so that lets you hear what the camera is hearing and, if desired will allow you to return the favor and speak through it.

Recording and Playback

Since viewing the camera isn’t going to be something you will always be doing, one wonders whether there are any recording capabilities. The answer is yes, and it starts with motion detection. This can be set up so as to trigger the camera into its recording mode. When this happens the video is being saved locally into a microSD card (up to 256GB sized). You also receive an alert message.The card can then be viewed later on a computer/laptop or other screen that accepts the microSD card (recorded material can also be played back via the app). There’s also the option of cloud storage but with the word “option” comes the word “pay” because this has a fee attached.

This Security Camera Moves When You Tell It To

The C6CN Internet PT Camera shares the attributes found in its smaller brother — this camera sort of resembling an observatory in that it has a flat base and a round softball-ish shape on top . The immediate differences are found in the range of the night vision (up to 33 feet) and the audio pickup (16 feet). More nuanced differences come from “smart motion tracking” wherein the camera will move with that it is capturing, a privacy mode wherein the lens blocks itself and intelligent linkage with alarm sensors wherein it can be integrated with other smart devices.

All this combines with a massive physical difference between the two cameras as theC6CN has pan and tilt features. This can be enacted through the app and allows the camera to pan and tilt through a 360 degree arc. Besides making it easier to position via “seeing”, it also helps to avoid “blind spots”.

Both the C1C HD Resolution Indoor Wi-Fi Camera and the C6CN Internet PT Camera perform the basic function of letting you see through its “eye.” Which camera best suits your needs? Considering the low price, buying both would certainly not be a costly decision. For more information, go to


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