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Fall in Love with your Home Again by Remodeling your Bathrooms

Updated on November 1, 2014

There are so many wonderful things about being a homeowner. The pleasure of ownership itself, the fun in sharing your home with family and friends, the creativity of decorating, the satisfaction of building and making improvements, the good feeling of maintaining your investment: all these are important to the “homeownership experience.”

The day will come, however, when your home seems to have lost that luster. You’ve fallen out of love! Sure, you still enjoy your home, but do you get excited about being at home or entertaining in it? What can you do about this? Well, you could sell your home and buy a new one. Usually not a great idea! Or you could redecorate the entire home, but that sounds expensive. You could landscape the yard once more. Again, costly and complicated. There is one relatively simple thing to do, however, that can add to your home ownership pleasure, and it’s rather simple and inexpensive. Redecorate your bathroom!

Bathrooms comes in many shapes, sizes, and types. There are the master bathrooms with extensive appointments, the half-baths that are great for guests, and the small bathrooms that are there for a quick “pick me up.” Master bathrooms are usually connected to a bedroom suite and must combine beauty and comfort. These are often elegant. Guest bathrooms are often in a hallway, though they may also be free-standing. These bathrooms are usually used by many persons, so space must be efficiently used. Finally, half-bathrooms are the best spaces for creative, eclectic, even experimental approaches to adding a bit of personality. These are the best bathrooms to have fun with! Remember that they are often small, however, so don’t overdo the decorating.

Renovate to renew the love for your home.
Renovate to renew the love for your home.

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There quite a few ways to update your bathroom with little expense or time:

  • Tile is the first thing people see when they enter your bathroom, so a splash of color adds to a fun “bathroom experience.” Painting the floor is cheaper, faster and less mess, but nice flooring—especially stone—can be an elegant touch.

  • Wall paint is so important! Nothing dates a room and makes it seem uninviting like an old, bad paint-job. Keep it fresh! Who doesn’t like a clean, fresh-looking bathroom?

  • Framed mirrors are easy to add and update your bathroom style ! They are not expensive, and you can always find the right size and type. Best money to spend in a bathroom redo is the mirror.

  • Lighting is a must. Who likes a dark, creepy bathroom?

  • Light Fixtures can be more expensive, but they make a huge difference in the “feel” of your bathrooms.

  • Towel racks are quick to add and make for a nice touch with little effort. Or try spraying the old racks with fresh colors.

  • Accents with colorful towels, washcloths, pictures, candles, or other decor accents can add real flare to the room we use more than we realize. Don’t forget the bathroom! It is such a small space that with little money, you can really spice it up. If you want to spend more time and money, of course, there are some luxurious touches to be had.

Not all bathrooms need to be indoors.
Not all bathrooms need to be indoors. | Source

Add an Outdoor Bathroom

If you have spent any time at any of the luxury vacation homes in Florida you probably have noticed that a lot of them have outdoor showers. The outdoor shower is priceless in many ways. First having one is an easy way to rinse off when coming back from the beach or from after doing any activity that you would not necessarily want to have to go into your home prior to getting clean. Second, they are pretty cool especially since they have hot and cold water. They sure beat using the hose.

Just Curious.

Would you use an outdoor shower?

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Bathrooms increase quality of life

Think how important the bathroom to us. We tend to think of the bathroom as a place to “use” when we go to the toilet or take a bath. However, an elegant bathroom can add to a person’s overall quality of live and be an escape from the grungy reality of daily living. Imagine being in a hot shower or relaxing in a warm tub of water, with soft lighting or candles, maybe some pleasant aromatherapy scents and soft music…sounds like bliss…especially after a hard day at work. Wonderful….


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